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You and the goddess sent a pair of high heels

Goddess is reebok pump divided into many kinds, temperament goddess, sweet goddess, the total attack goddess, etc., what kind of goddess with what kind of shoes, if the wrong is poles apart. As a goddess, the most indispensable is a pair of high heels, it can not only pierce your charm, more highlights your temperament, simply can not be more praise. High heels is a girl life can not quit the heart of love, but also a symbol of the goddess. High heels can make the posture more graceful, slim and type walking to swaying, enjoy the goddess side! Sweet floral dress with a pair of white high heels, temperament can not help but stand out.

More casual skirt is necessary to match the cool drag you. Do not look down on reebok classic the sandals, sandals sometimes with clothes than high heels look good. Casual but not casual, playful is not elegant.

Thick bottom of the word drag. Very stylish and comfortable a cool sand, soft and comfortable rubber sole. Leather to create, bring a sense of gloss. In the summer with casual wear is also scrambled chicken good! Rough with the head lazy drag. Classic metal horse with a patent leather luster, quite significant grade. Black elegant atmosphere, pink and charming. Comfortable rough and practical, my sister can not worry about the fear of Oh ~ ~ fish mouth leather sandals. Fashion hand-sewn sequins with breathable silk screen, casual fashion, the trend of wild! The first layer of cowhide production, soft and comfortable, comes with glossy feeling. 4.5 cm with a high comfort and natural, very suitable for students of a party shoes. Fine high with pointed shoes. Small pointed high heels, classic fashion, sexy feminine. Korean explosion shoes, fashion wild design, the goddess of choice, that is, you want that section! Suede hollow shoes. Very suitable for a pair of tall children who have a pair of shoes. Suffix material comes with matt sensation, very good to take clothes. Three colors any of your pick, hollow shallow mouth, elegant yet sexy, the goddess you wear it more goddess! Temperament with a single shoes. Tip with a small rough, fashion and sexy. Work can also be worn, heel is not very high, free to walk, not too tired feet. Three colors you pick, with a variety of clothes is also very good to see.