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When wearing a single shoe, do not wear socks?

Many women love shoes, for wearing a single shoes do not wear socks this problem, it is tangled, one is because usually wear other shoes have the habit of wearing socks, and secondly afraid of single shoes grinding feet uncomfortable. But Xiaobian here to tell you that wearing a single shoe is not to wear Reebok Outlet Store socks, but wearing a sock but will feel very hot, and airtight; but if you have to wear wounds, etc., it is recommended to wear some stealth socks, both To ensure the comfort, but also in the mix with strange socks on the color and embarrassment. British stripes classic retro design, to the upper high-quality patent leather, with a shiny and endless fashionable atmosphere. Personality of Reebok Outlet Store" href="/">Reebok Outlet Store the British wind toe design, it is comfortable to wear the experience. Anti-skid rubber outsole, in the anti-skid at the same time also wear, not easy to foot. Classic British wind round shoes, with a modern girl Fan bow, it is unique out of the color; soft and comfortable and breathable bottom, wearing tired feet, shopping all day ok. Non-slip rubber outsole, anti-skid and wear; the reebok pump upper is the PU material, which is used imitation pig pattern PU, the whole is very texture.

Flat shoes, the upper has a British bow design, it is a modern girl with a fan of the last century Fan. Classic round design with fine workmanship, so that the temperament of the whole shoe is very nice. Comfortable side with the details of the embellishment, but also has a different feeling. Invisible boat socks, the use of imported fabrics, with ice silk feel, comfortable and thin. reebok store Followed by the use of silicone anti-skid anti-off design, no need to worry about the problem of slipping.