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What are the types of canvas shoes? Which of the 6 categories of canvas shoes do you know?

I often hear people mention canvas shoes, Reebok Outlet Store and the sales of canvas shoes in various shoe stores are also very good. After understanding what is canvas shoes, people may be more targeted and more professional when choosing, and they are also good for materials used in shoes. judgment. The types of canvas shoes mainly include: low-top canvas shoes, mid-top canvas shoes, and high-top canvas shoes, which are mainly based on the scope of the package; in addition, there are hand-painted, stories, and couple shoes. Help

Thick rubber sole, upper cover canvas, lace, upper full-covered ankle mid-top canvas shoes can be described as the real classic in the canvas shoes kingdom, it has become the canvas shoes this category of goods "business card." The same classic design as this style design is a newspaper cloth.

Help canvas shoes in the law, set young, stylish, simple, casual and other distinctive characteristics of canvas shoes in a long time, has been the most loved canvas shoes lovers favorite traditional style. Because it has rich fabrics ranging from plain to designs, lattices, and special patterns, it also has designs such as full cloth, half cloth, rubber head, and leather, so that it can be used with trousers, shorts, long skirts, and skirts. With collocation.

Low help

Low-top canvas shoes are also known as "sneakers" and "lazy shoes" because even the laces need to be tied loosely and loosely, and the laces are more likely to be placed on the uppers. "Vase", lazy people are completely free to wear shoes with their ankle shoes, without having to bend over.

Low-top canvas shoes are also economical and easy to work with. Almost everything can be taken and people are not picked. Long-legged crush can be reebok store worn. Short-legged crush can also be worn beautifully. Compared with the help canvas shoes, the low-top canvas shoes are younger, livelier, more sporty, relaxed and more cute. The combination of different-colored shoes and different-colored laces adds the ost varied?footnote to the low-top canvas shoe and becomes a atent?

Gao Bang

The design of high-top canvas shoes comes from the use of military boots. The high-to-lower shoe neck can better cover the legs and modify more leg lines. The addition of the military boots style brings a cool alternative to casual canvas laces. However, the niche of high-top canvas shoes is rooted in the fact that it is very picky. Legs are long enough to be thin, and bones are straight enough to be worn. Otherwise, it will be self-defeating. High-top canvas shoes with a neutral, handsome short-setter, to fully reveal the design of the shoes.

Hand-painted shoes

Hand-painted, also known as graffiti, which also injects new vitality into the traditional canvas shoes, making the canvas more and more powerful.

Story shoes

Put a pair of pure white canvas shoes side by side, and pull the outer side of the upper to make a painting. When the wearer is moving around, he can seduce passersby reebok classic to chase and see pictures.

Couple shoes

Similar to the couple's shirt, reebok running shoes except that the couple's pattern was moved onto the canvas shoes.