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What are the favorite high heels for girls?

High-heeled shoes are a type of shoes that girls can touch and fall in love with. There are always so many styles that will hit your heart. Which high-heeled shoes are the most attractive and most exciting? Personally think that these high-heeled shoes reebok pump are very attractive. Cat heels are high-heeled pointed stilettos with an increased height of 3 to 5 cm. They look very small and exquisite. Why do you say cats and heels are easy to make?The first is to wear very comfortable, because the height is not high, so the comfort of the feet is very high; Second, it looks very elegant and very temperament, especially people wear After that, that kind of temperament can be easily expressed. In this increasingly material world, cats reebok running shoes and shoes can give people a different feeling.

Words with high heels is quite popular recently, presumably because its style is very simple, simple and very design sense, people feel is still very fashionable. In addition, the variety of colors, different colors of the word with high heels will give people a different feeling. Like a black word with high-heeled shoes, giving people a feeling is more reebok classic of a charm, is simple; and nude color high-heeled shoes is sexy, and the effect is significantly better. Pointed high heels is a more classic high-heeled shoes, the charm index is still very high, many very stunning high-heeled shoes are pointed high heels. The high-heeled reebok shoes high-heeled shoes give people the impression that they are imposing, very sexy, and able to catch the attention of others, especially the bright-colored pointed high-heeled shoes, which can become the focus when wearing it, so the glamour index of pointed high-heeled shoes Still very high.