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Wear this vibrant color and go everywhere to shine

As the high-frequency color of street shooting in this year, brilliant golden color is a color topic that can not be bypassed. If the primrose is represented by the freshness of summer, then the warm orange turmeric is the bright and warm sun in autumn and winter. The youthful sunshine and optimism make people feel more comfortable. In addition, they can also express their elegance and nobleness. This is one of the next key trends. It is said that dresses are stylish tools for lazy people. They are not necessarily friendly when placed on rich colors, because it is important to cover large areas and match colors and skin tones. Secondly, refreshing skin can also enhance the overall level of fashion. It is more suitable to wear accessories to optimize the proportion to reduce the sense of swelling. The same applies to the appearance of the word. The difference is that the lower body is equipped with a print that echoes the color, and the dark colors are balanced. The overall harmony is fresh. The high waistline is also conducive to the proportion. It is wonderful to have a relaxing vacation. This reebok classic is a relatively picking one, small collar collar requirements can not be too thick and short, the expansion of light-colored lace wrapped high, reebok classic the body can not show obvious fat, only the high waist and waist fold can adjust the proportion and modified straight body, more suitable White slim soft sister. Loose-striped knit T-shirt with camel down, is a combination of texture and temperament of the same color, just like the collision of coffee and milk tea, gentle and delicious fragrant, visual and taste are satisfied, the left chest is a small embroidery details The agent is more interesting and interesting. What exactly is embroidered?

Beige T-shirts are lined with skin color, alphabets, woven straps and skirt linings are all in harmony with the apricot colors, yellow lace flowers blooming gracefully on it, a set incorporating several popular elements, the overall still harmonious and beautiful, full of sunshine. Orange and khaki adjacent color stitching is very good-looking, coupled with cotton and linen fabric is very elegant, comfortable elastic waist can be added with streamer tie, both echoing the trend and rich color levels, swallowtail umbrellas add a sense of elegance, the whole reebok store is full of romantic Literary atmosphere. The yellow is warmer and some become orange or orange. The cheerful and lively atmosphere can not be more full. With a touch of white, it is refreshing and refreshing. The classic Polo shirt is not at the forefront of the trend, but it has always been a practical product. The wardrobe's worry-free single product, wearing a natural beauty is unconventional. Sleeveless shirt with Bermuda shorts, a very large European and American fan, impeccable yellow reebok pump and white, cool and comfortable loose version, it is suitable for this deep and hot weather, shorts this length is also very commuting range, two large pockets and zipper Threshold is a design feature to add gas field, open into a V-neck with a thin and high-grade neckwear. The retro plaid counter-attack is inseparable from the trendy tailoring. The Scottish Plaid breaks the old impression with the ruffled wrap skirt trimming, and appears with the same-colored echoing T-shirt skirt, creating a gentle and playful overall sense of style, interpreting the trendy The chic college style brings a feeling of youthfulness. Refreshing and stylish, with chic chiffon shirts, this woody, yellow-toned texture is both bright and introverted. It fits well with the work-place spirit of advancement and retreat, fresh and lively dispels boringness, and basic colors to reconcile it. solemn. Stereo kink squeezing out slender waistline to create a good proportion of long legs, elastic after the former kink help to fix the shape, so with a distinctive personality of the small yellow T can match the short skirt or hot pants to release the vitality, you can also show wide leg pants mature Atmosphere, making modeling interesting is rare. Blue and yellow are just as good-looking, blue and yellow are high-contrast colors, one cold and one warm, there is always a more skin, and the bright yellow skirt is included in the wardrobe. It will make you love the basic models to shine, bright And attitude is the next way of fashion.