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Want to wear shoes for a long time, maintenance is very important!

Leather shoes as the most loved by everyone's shoes, daily wear inevitably bump, how should we care for shoes? Shoes care should pay attention to what aspects? In order to avoid falling into the mistakes in the maintenance of shoes, Xiao Bian will be your full answer. Want to wear shoes for a long time, maintenance is very important! Goodyear system method. In order to maintain the flexibility of the sole, soles are bonded. Because Goodyear need to suture, without a certain hardness, suture will collapse, can not use the soft soles material. So in order to maintain a certain degree of flexibility, using Goodyear + adhesive method. Shoe should be released before use shoes Shoe Lift: Weekdays with caution, is the first step in the maintenance of shoes. Shoes damage more from the heel start. Therefore, you can use more shoes to wear shoes. Home can be prepared long handle, but usually ready to carry. In addition, do not wear shoes hard squeeze, shoes with shoes should be developed to release the habit of wearing laces and then wear. Goodyear system different from ordinary dress shoes, wearing more comfortable. Long-term memory can remember the foot shape. Avoid formal dress shoes bring a sense of tightness. Sole add wood, not only comfortable to wear, Goodyear process is a major feature of sewing craft shoes. reebok classic After 130 procedures, soles with two stitches more solid, to avoid embarrassment. Relative to the high cost of adhesive shoes. The effect of wearing shoes gives toe longer, so it looks longer than the actual size. Although according to the picture can not be fully confirmed, but in order to make the heel to fit the foot, when we make the built-in goblet material. The general is the use of resin materials, this series of shoes are used to paste reebok store the paste to be fixed. Long shoes design. Although young people commented that this shoe is too long, but this is a very common design for most of the guests can recommend a paragraph. Powder crushed, use paste to make it fixed. Three-dimensional shape of things, with softness, shape memory effect. Although this is an invisible part, it is a complicated work. Enclosed like that, to achieve the effect of three-dimensional shape.

Misunderstanding of a shoe maintenance: rainy shoes or boots when the rain boots wear. Shoes maintenance mistake two: that is the leather shoes, very breathable, they wear every day. The long time wearing a pair of shoes, resulting in a cortical surface of the white foam objects and that there is a problem with the cortex. High-quality warm plush lining Inside reebok running shoes the imported velvet material made of imported materials, soft and comfortable, control the shoe temperature 28 degrees, his soft bring unparalleled comfort, no matter how cold, the shoe is still warm as spring, large high-quality rubber High-quality rubber outsole, unique lines, non-slip wear, support your calm walk. Exquisite car alignment exquisite car line, exquisite and elegant. Reebok Outlet Aesthetics and durability combine to bring you extraordinary wearing experience. Use shoe last to prevent shoe deformation: prevent shoe deformation, stuffed into the last effect of the best. Foot shape, walking, body temperature and moisture, rain and other factors can lead to shoe aliasing, especially when the sweat or rain out, be sure to use the shoes last shoe-shaped shoes. Because body temperature and humidity will make the leather loose, in the shoe when the body temperature still exist must be set. Texture of the atmosphere of high quality leather uppers made of high-quality two layers of leather, small pores and dense inside very fine, with good toughness, fine Fu soft, comfortable shoes are all major shoe materials that light and soft soles suitable for feet Health. Sole rubber sole with light weight, so much lighter than the same volume so that you enjoy the non-slip wear at the same time, that is, light and soft shoes, as long as the feet with feet according to ergonomic science research Design and development of shoes to Asian walking habits for the study so that wearing a good wearing experience to walk to become a car to enjoy the superb sturdy workers with excellent hand-stitched sewing, double protection of the shoe body to prevent the phenomenon of body fracture Make you feel comfortable to buy comfortable.