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Two toes longer than the big toe, is the devil or beauty

A woman's foot can be based on the length of the toe, divided into three kinds, namely, the Egyptian feet, Greek feet, Roman feet. The second type, the two-toed toe, is the most controversial. Many girls even because of this reason, become inferior, afraid to wear sandals. Even the "devil foot type" that really is the case? The "Egyptian Feet" is the most common type of foot, about 60%, and the thumb is longer than the other four with toes. reebok pump The toes show the arithmetic progression from high to low, which is medically the most "practical" foot. Egyptian feet look very slender, what type of shoes can be controlled, but the big toe prominent If you always wear high heels, it will be easy to play a cocoon Greek feet refers to the second toe longer than the other foot type, it is said that this type of foot will lead A reebok pump variety of injuries, such as back pain, back pain, pelvic malformations, etc., because the second metatarsal protrusion to the second metatarsal and heel formed 2:00 support, far less than the first, fifth and heel formed by the 3-dimensional stability. So many shortcomings, it sounds like a "devil foot."

However, according to statistics, this type of foot rich in beauty, from the Roman era to the Renaissance, the Greek foot has been the most consistent with the traditional European aesthetic foot. Not yet known as "royal feet", according to legend, the ancient Egyptian royal family, Princess Diana, etc. are all Greek feet. You can see that in all kinds of European paintings, or the goddess Venus sculpture, are Greek feet! Therefore, the Greek foot rich beauty is not groundless, compared to the shortcomings of instability, "beauty" these two words more attractive to me. Roman feet, also known as square feet, this foot type five toe length of about no special protruding toes, looks like a rectangle, "Roman feet" in the selection of shoes, more suitable for reebok classic round, square shoes, have Roman footer is relatively rare, they can be said to be born for the ballet.