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To seize these most cutting-edge pop elements, you are the fashion master of this year

There are so many reebok running shoes clothes in the closet, but always feel that there is nothing less? But too many popular elements, headaches do not know which one to choose. Donorry! Don worry, although there are many new popular elements every year, there are a few main ones. As long as you carefully screen, you can always find the one that suits you! True, wide-legged pants have been popular since last year, and this year is still a popular element for designers. Wide leg pants is really good to wear! Modify the waist line, seconds become big long legs, legs and more meat is not afraid of wood there? Light blue wide-leg pants with a white belt, black sleeveless knits, or khaki wide-legged khaki pants with a light khaki vest. Upper body tailoring is the key, which can contrast with the loose visuals of the lower body, making you look more slender and charming. Plaid wide-leg pants have a unique style, choose a black knit vest that echoes the black plaid, sexy and cool. You can also choose white wide leg pants with a white short design shirt, stylish and capable. Handbags are the key to enhancing the fashion of this style.

Finished wide leg pants, straight pants. Careful sisters should have discovered that straight jeans are always the star favorite. Buddha's color straight jeans are a rare fashion item. Wide straight pants with reebok shoes a gray plaid suit vest, to help you break the dull sense of wearing the office. Buddhist tobacco pipe pants with the same color trumpet sleeve shirt, work out of the street are appropriate. The nine-point pants are just so fashionable. The exposed ankle part makes your fashion sense up, up, up! Pants must be tailored, not too loose or reebok classic too tight, so as to have the effect of modifying the legs. If you choose plain pants, you can use shirts with printed elements. If you want to pick a bit, you can choose a suit of pants, but the upper body needs to be balanced with the basic models of plain shirts. If you want to look more soft and romantic, pink is a good choice. In reebok classic recent years, bright pink is also the designer's new favorite. Choosing a pair of pink straight jeans and a matching lantern sleeve shirt can add a bit of vintage to the romance. Or with a white short shirt, simple and soft. Pair it with a velvet texture handkerchief and Mary Jane shoes. Don't look too good! This year, designers used pleated skirts to create new tricks. This is simply a great news. No need to go to the streets and many people have a shirt. This year's pleated skirt incorporates wrap skirt elements, buttocks are cut to fit and the folds are only started below the buttocks, or the folds on both sides of the skirt are just as good as the basic style shirts. different. Many dresses also incorporate pleats. Plain tunic print dress, with a simple round collar design, and the abdomen fits and cuts, the hips begin to fold and will not make you look bloated. The side of the split part allows you to hide when it is legs, sexy and without losing the atmosphere. Dress is always a woman's favorite. Want to put the dress on the high-end atmosphere on the grade, solid color is the first choice. Orange gives a dynamic feeling, deep V design sexy fashion, waist tied into a small bow belt, adding a sense of playfulness for the overall shape. Dark green art and lining skin color, as long as the simple design of the waist, add some small folds on the chest can let you become a goddess of literature and art.