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Those years we passed through the slippers

Fashion sometimes need high heels on the bump shape, sometimes hidden in a pair of comfortable and practical slippers. In addition to excellent support for the function of the soles of the feet, it is also gradually exposed fashion potential. A pair of slippers into fashion accessories, need more than a little bit of creativity. Let us go with the breakdown of those years we go through the slippers ~ pointed slippers, because the leather material, whether it is with the pipe pants, wide leg pants, can disguise the appearance of small leather shoes, the first Once felt the original slippers can also be so serious. Black style is very wild, with the staff of N jeans can be free to go out friends ~ of course accompanied by a suit trousers, a kind of want to pedal to work feel ~ Although the color is not so fancy, but as long as the match When the clothes to add, highlight reebok running shoes the shoes a key, you can friends ~ in addition to black, there are many other monochrome style are very nice. Such as the finishing point of the red, and then with a color and its color echoes the bag, it is wonderful Wild little white section is also a good choice, but will be more suitable for the feet of the white girl. Speaking of slippers are always less hair drag, especially popular throughout the fashion circle of G brand fur drag! It's style has become a lot of tide women with lazy Fan children essential shoes. Black leather and fur with a low-key sense of luxury, but because the design of the slippers and let it more casual, casual feeling, so with the jeans are also completely ok, in addition, and reebok classic wide legs Pants can also be perfect match ~

The weather just warm, plush drag has appeared in a variety of street shooting, shirt skirt with a pair of plush drag, ladies girl heart simply burst into the shed. Hair has a certain sense of expansion, remember to reveal an Reebok Outlet Store" href="/">Reebok Outlet Store ankle, exposed a stomach, enough blank to produce imagination! Exposed toe slippers relatively casual and casual, so it is also very easy to ride up, and your wardrobe in late spring and summer clothes styles are and take ~ even can always wear early autumn Oh. Slippers style not only can leisure street, but also can be done as elegant as this pair of cute. Slim T-shaped lace on the feet look thin and delicate, silver material has a flash effect, but also more feet white. The upper also made a black bow decoration, coupled with a small square with a small rough, with a small dress are not under the words. This casual reebok running shoes sweet style of the sandals is suitable for a combination of denim and pants, or T + cigarettes. After all, this kind of neutral style clothes is not necessarily only shoes or high heels this way, cool with a very nice look, and more tide more fashionable. In fact, very early on the fire up, and there are several pairs of shoe ... it looks bulky, looks a little ugly, but you do not think it is really very comfortable, and wear ugly ugly handsome? The