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These types of shoes often wear great harm to the feet to reduce damage to see here

For shoes, since ancient times, good and hard to wear both. Comfortable shoes do not look good, beautiful shoes worn, and sometimes hurt the feet. However, in order to look good, we sometimes have to endure the pain and injury, the following Xiaobian to introduce to you how to wear these kinds of shoes to reduce the damage hurt. The narrow space in the front of the pointed shoes makes the toes tight next to each other, and in order to occupy a place they will oppress each other, making it hard for the toenails to grow forward long enough to choose the other direction, It will grow to a good bully in a ditch or nail week organization, leading to "inlay", a toe toe sting unbearable. The solution: 1, choose slightly larger yards shoes Buy this pointed shoes, slightly larger than yards, try to choose a soft fabric. Before wearing, you can use the shoe support to hold the toe first, let it be a little loose, or put a small sponge or foam at the toe to ease the toe squeeze pain.

Flip-flops hazards: easily lead to muscle fatigue, foot injuries Cause: the two dragons on the flip-flops do not have enough support surface to bring the shoes to walk it has been very difficult; walking, in order to prevent the shoes being thrown out toes, toes Curl your shoes. Long-term in this state, it is easy to cause muscle fatigue toes, resulting in toe tendonitis. Another person walking, the foot of the arch will be repeated changes in height (feet raised when the arch restoration, when the foot, the arch flatten), play shock absorption, cushioning effect. However, flip-flop soles are generally very reebok pump thin, so hard to change the height of the arch on the ground, will cause the foot muscles, ligaments fatigue. Select the "rough" flip-flops; and the word drag on the "people" account for the larger the area, the less likely to cause muscle fatigue; soles to choose thicker, softer (2 ~ 3cm can).

High heels hazards: big toe valgus reasons: high heels toe, mostly hard cortex of the triangle; but we also have the feeling, walking in high heels, the center of gravity will move forward, the entire toes are sliding forward, was stuffed into a small Hold in space The big toe was forced to turn outwards and the little toe turned inwards. The higher the heel, the more noticeable it was, the longer the toe was deformed. Not more than 4cm high open Reebok Outlet toe width, can reduce the pressure on the toes. The large contact area between forefoot and ground can evenly disperse the gravity of toes and reduce the damage to the toes.

Thin soles hazards: easily worn out calluses, long corns Cause: If the soles are too thin, the foot is not only to be friction soles, but also endure the oppression of the ground. This part of the long-term oppressed skin can only endure silently, evolved a armor to protect themselves (calluses), if it is polished into a small cone, like a small nail embedded in the skin, it becomes corns. Thin soles, but also have a thickness of 1 ~ 2cm; soles should be moderate hardness, can be slightly bent can be.