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The wear of shoes is very much related to our health

In life, we need to change a lot of clothes and add pairs of shoes every season. But do you guys know that new shoes are worn? However, after a long time, the phenomenon of my feet will gradually disappear. But do you know that the degree of wear of shoes is related to our health? It doesn seem right to say that you don pay attention to shoes. After all, people also spend a lot of time thinking about shoes: how comfortable and breathable are the shoes? Which style of shoes is the most popular now? What kind of shoes are the most popular? What kind of shoes do we wear? Which kind of materials do the shoes most benefit the health of the feet? Take a closer look at our concerns with the shoes. If we find it out, the place where the shoes attract our attention is usually the appearance. Very few can relate to health. And the shoes that can cause our attention are shoes that can be worn. When a pair of shoes are worn out and worn out, people usually do not look directly to throw away. In doing so, I missed the chance to check my health. reebok pump Relying on foot, the feet are barely gone, except for sleeping, almost all the time being in shoes. The shoes are in contact with floors and roads every day, and the degree to which the shoes are worn naturally is closely related to the way we walk. In fact, it is not difficult to understand that a person who can only walk on one foot is certainly worse than a non-landing shoe. So for the average person, how do shoes reflect health? The first is the wear on both sides of the outer side of the shoe. There are two reasons most likely to cause serious wear on the outer side of the shoe: one is the inner eight character, and the other is the high arched foot. Long-term walking with the inner eight characters is likely to cause O-type legs, which is more likely to cause pelvic anteversion. A high arched foot can cause joint damage, which can easily lead to serious abrasion of the cartilage outside the knee. Those who find that their shoes are heavily worn on the outside must pay attention to their own health in these areas.

Corresponding to the outside, the inside is natural, and the wear on both sides of the shoe indicates that you are an X-shaped leg. You often walk outside. This position is very unfavorable to the joint and can easily cause bone and joint diseases. A pair of shoes, wear conditions on the left reebok running shoes and right sides are not the same, indicating that you are not uniform when walking, perhaps a pure posture problems, it may be due to pelvic tilt, short legs and other natural diseases. Therefore, the degree of uneven wear of shoes also deserves our attention. We know that the degree of wear of shoes is closely related to our health. Suggest that we must choose light sports shoes, wear less high heels, because high heels is not conducive to the health of reebok classic the ankle. All in all, I hope everyone will pay attention to physical health issues in all aspects.