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The first time reebok pump I met the wedge heel, HI!

Girl who did not fantasy had his first pair of high heels? Although it looks like in their own hearts deduced thousands of times, and finally found that those fancy high heels can only look at it, just started to practice wearing high heels, or wedge shoes is the most real, even beginners do not Fear will be Wei feet. Met the wedge heel, met the young dream. Comfortable slope with the design of thin but not heavy, wearing a stable not tired feet, comfortable feet and can modify the legs, simple but yet elegant, intimate waterproof platform design, even rainy days are fearless. Slope sandals is one of the popular single product each year, seemingly simple but yet simple fashion, chic wave stripes design reebok classic sweet and interesting, accompanied by a romantic and romantic Bohemian dress can be beautiful to the concave shape The And thick thick different bottom, this is a small slope with the design, look clean and fresh, simple design is very wild, one by one buckle the design is very intimate, add the cashmere will not have the foot after the foot, shoes With the design is unique, very layered sense. High-heeled design allows you to instantly turned two meters long legs, intimate waterproof design to ensure a comfortable foot feeling, shoe type is more classic, hit the color design more eye-catching, thin soles with the soles of the straw design Reveals a thick holiday style.

Very personalized of a wedge shoes, shoes is more classic, slope design with a long time even if not tired of tired feet, the most surprising is the rivets on the shoes, and instantly more than a bit cool handsome Bling bling lets you shine in the end. A little Roman style, straw soles reebok store give a kind of holiday feel, hit the color of the soles are very eye-catching, intimate slope is very suitable for the beginning of wearing high heels girls, Velcro design practical and convenient, with denim skirt or shorts full of sweet. Very sexy pair of wedge heels, although the high heel but the design is reasonable so feet feel is excellent, the perfect root so that the legs of the lines more beautiful, highlight the elegant temperament, sweet fish head toe, look sexy trend The Very style of a sandals, swaying tassels and straw-style design, so that shoes look reebok classic Smart playful, transitional arc with the type can not only pull the leg line, but also can effectively reduce the pain of the foot, it is two The