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The difference between casual shoes and various sports shoes

Sports shoes on the market can be divided into basketball shoes, soccer shoes, extreme shoes, jogging shoes, comprehensive training shoes, aerobic dance shoes, comfortable equipment shoes, reebok classic and casual shoes according to their functions. Professional sports shoes mainly include basketball shoes and soccer shoes. Among them, there are two kinds of basketball shoes, one is the level of the soles of the soles of the shoes, which is suitable for indoor basketball playing, and the price is moderate. The other is to add air cushions and anti-twisting functions on the basis of the original ones, which has played a strengthening role in Reebok Outlet Store" href="/">Reebok Outlet Store the athlete's foot and reebok store has a higher price. The design of soccer shoes is from the sole to the upper, which is designed for playing football. Ordinary athletes, such as those who like jogging, can buy a pair of jogging shoes. The soles of the shoes are made of EVA and rubber soles. They are light, comfortable, and the soles are designed with rules and blocks. The lines are deep and have Grip, driving force.

1. The bottom of the football shoes has a nail bottom, and the shoes look more compact. There are cushions or textures in front of the shoes that increase the friction and are used to shoot.

2, the type of sports shoes is very large, many sports have its relative shoes, but basically can be divided into two categories, one is functional sports shoes, one training shoes. Then according to the classification of sports subjects, in fact, the method of classification of shoes, because there are different angles, there will be many.

3, basketball shoes can be divided into strength type and speed type. Tennis shoes can be divided into earth shoes and gel field shoes. Running shoes can be divided into running shoes and sprint shoes. And so on and so on, the above I said is still very simple to classify, and more detailed and responsible classification, you need to be for each kind of sports. Like table tennis, badminton, football, volleyball, high jump, cycling, extreme sports and so on, there will be professional sports shoes belonging to their own projects.

Compared with these classifications, because of the different movement patterns, the functionality of shoes naturally has a lot of differences. For example, basketball shoes are more concerned with the protection of ankles, start-up assistance and cushioning and other functions, and they are subdivided. The more attention is paid to the protection of the ankle and the effect of cushioning and shock absorption, while the speed type is to pay attention to the start-up assistance. Tennis emphasizes grip and shoe support. Running shoes focus on lightweight, breathable and wrapped feeling.

In fact, if you are interested in this area, it is better to study the attributes of various sports. You can learn more about the protection and promotion measures that sports brand companies have done to help athletes in this project, so that they can better understand the function of sports equipment. Sex and difference.