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Summer wear sandals need to prevent three kinds of trauma

Summer to the feet have to breathe out. But whether it is simple or exquisite sandals, will give our feet a lot of trouble.

Easy to wear new sandals on the feet, always feel not so comfortable, there are thin belt reebok store or leather interface, especially easy to wear feet. Therefore, when buying sandals to pay attention to the choice of soft material, or in advance in the easy to be grinding parts posted a piece of Band-Aid. Liquor has a softening effect of the cortex, try Reebok Outlet Store" href="/">Reebok Outlet Store to feel tight in the place to reebok classic paint, over 15 minutes and then wear, will be comfortable with some. If you have been worn, should be comfortable shoes for double.

Easy to swell as long as the foot activity less, both winter and summer, are easy to swollen. But in the summer, sandals as other shoes loose, swelling of the problem will be reflected more obvious, and easy to feel uncomfortable. So, regardless of sitting or standing, more conscious activities of the activities of the foot, and lying down, the feet of high feet.

Susceptible to summer, even wearing sandals, feet are also very easy to sweat. British foot doctor Emma suggested that, if necessary, armpit use of anti-perspiration can also be used for foot antiperspirant. While the Chinese medicine to promote salt feet, 10 minutes a day, but also antiperspirant effect. In addition, in the rainy season after wet feet, pay attention to timely cleaning, dry, to prevent bacterial growth lead to foot infection.