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Stylish fish mouth shoes sexy yet elegant

The so-called fish mouth shoes refers to the top of the toe with a fish-shaped hollow, just bare reebok store one or two toes design, also known as open-toe shoes. Fish mouth shoes sexy yet elegant, won the favor of many girls: fish mouth shoes and high-top bandage combination, not only a good modification of the leg type, but also add a flavor, hollow at the instep design, this is also A major feature of the shoes. The inlaid cross buckles on the rhinestones give a simple, high-top lace to the fish's mouth, and the waterproof platform has a non-slip design. Concise slope with fish mouth shoes, with a rustic style floral uppers, suitable for pastoral style dress, a broad-brimmed hat on the head, elegant to leisure. Stitching is one of the trend design elements in spring and summer this year. This fish head women's shoe also uses the material's splicing. Bright colors and shiny diamonds make shoes more prominent.

The open-toe gimmick gives the first impression of charming and charming. The two buttons on the reebok classic upper are vivid and lovely. With a large V-neck dress or a small Reebok Outlet skirt, you are transformed into a sexy demon angel. The hollow design of the cheongsam neckline at the back of the trousers adds an reebok running shoes elegant finish to this shoe.