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Shorty can wear boots, choose the right style

Since the beginning of the winter, the partners are also increasing demand for knee-high boots, which is also really said that said well, after all, knee-high boots as a "happy" in many ways a big important piece of our , But accidentally too easily counter-productive Oh, so today I will Reebok Outlet Store teach you how to choose over knee boots, Paul 2 meters long legs! Different height with a completely different effect at the time of the left side of the boots just right extension of the calf ratio, it appears that people higher. But the right has been stabbed to the crotch boots, a kind of "This person's legs are not long enough, boots can be worn as pants," the visual sense. So, how to pick the right knee boots? Our advice to everyone is that reebok pump the short girl should give priority to the boots 10cm ~ 12cm up your knees. Because ... short girls 12cm above the knee up, not far away is the crotch ... and tall girls can relax the choice, after all, your knee to 12cm after a long distance.

The circumference of the boot tube is the key to knee-thin boots, so this is especially important for girls with thick legs. Knee boots around the circumference can be divided into tight type, straight type and loose fold type. The most skinny is the knee-high boots, although this year is popular crumpled boots, but remember not all the popular models you must go to wear! ! From the comfort level, flat and 3 ~ 5cm generous with all the praise. Flat models for the short children is estimated to be not very love, but Reebok Outlet Store" href="/">Reebok Outlet Store generous with both comfort and increase the two functions, how can you not love! Stiletto is not very recommended for everyone to try. Because this tight-fitting boots and then with a sharp and thin, and then hit a slightly feminine dress, it is easy to show the smell of dust.