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Shoes smell how to quickly remove how to choose the right shoe know-how

Are you a pair of sneakers to do all kinds of jogging, walking, aerobic and other sports? Sports pick the right sneakers can not only make your performance better, but also can effectively prevent sports injuries. But do you know how to choose the right shoes? Five suggestions are put forward to help you find the most comfortable pair of shoes! The right shoe-making tips for the hottest sports of the moment - jogging, walking and aerobics reebok pump . The reebok store height of the arch will determine what kind of support your foot needs. The easiest test is to stand with both feet and bend your knees. If the arch and the inside of the foot move inward, the foot may be "valgus foot" and the shoe needs extra support. Because this means that the foot and ankle are more difficult to maintain the body's stability, you can try shock-absorbing shoes, effectively absorbing the impact. If all the weight is concentrated outside the feet, then you may be "flat feet." You need a more elastic soles of the shoes, relieve the pressure on the outside of the feet. If you wear sports shoes, to run quietly, on behalf of this is a suitable pair of shoes, the more quiet shoes on the body the impact and less pressure on the body. If you step on the floor there is a slap sound, the soles are too hard, not with the feet move, but will cause more damage to the joints!

Thumbs and heels to the shoes of the space, best to leave a total of about 1 cm of space. But the heel to fit, should not slip out of shoes when walking. Do not be too tight upper, the best ten toes are free to twist. The average life span of each pair of sports shoes is about 500 ~ 600 km, and the soles worn, the impact of absorbing shock and pressure will be reduced. If you feel uncomfortable, but also consider changing a pair of new shoes. Choose special shoes

If you are engaged in a sport reebok shoes for 3 to 4 times a week, it is best to buy a pair of special shoes.

The following are some common sports, the choice of shoes precautions can help you reduce sports injuries, make your feet more comfortable.

(1) jogging shoes

Generally considered good jogging shoes should have a large number of shock absorbers to help absorb the impact, but there are also people who promote minimalist jogging shoes with almost no cushion. There is no data to show which kind of better, if there is a cushioning shoes, you can choose to absorb the overall impact on the foot, strengthen the control of the ankle jogging shoes. Although this does not solve all the problems, it can reduce the symptoms of overuse of the foot such as anterior tibial pain, tendonitis, heel pain, stress fractures and the like.

(2) walking shoes

Lightweight sports shoes and walking, but in the reebok store heel of the shoes to absorb the additional impact, especially the metatarsal, to help reduce heel pain, plantar fasciitis and blisters and other symptoms. Sole slightly curved or hard bottom, then make the weight smoothly spread from the heel to the fingers, reduce the pressure on the soles of the feet, stretch your feet when stepped on.

(3) aerobic shoes

Specifically designed for aerobic exercise shoes are usually more lightweight, and the soles of the metatarsal area can absorb additional impact, to avoid excessive exhaustion of the foot, resulting in fatigue fractures. If possible, try to do it on a rug or mat.

(4) multi-purpose sports shoes

Versatile sneakers combine many of the features listed above and can be used for more than one type of exercise. A pair of good multi-purpose sneakers are flexible for jogging on the front soles, while the heel controls are high for aerobics or tennis.