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Quietly occupy the fashion stage, velvet shoes to steal the mirror

After the hot summer sunburn, and finally ushered in a pleasant and pleasant autumn. Say this year is a velvet of the year, all the fashion influx of people are invariably put on a velvet single product. When we delicate skin and smooth delicate velvet encounter, intimate care of every inch of the skin. Velvet material for the shoes covered with a layer of mysterious sense of elegance, keep up with the trend of Reebok Outlet Store" href="/">Reebok Outlet Store fashion women, but also must pay attention to the recent street shooting all kinds of velvet shoes, this element of the elements of the fans so fascinated, low-key Sparkling velvet is also very easy to match. In fact, velvet is a love and hate the texture, dressed well enough ladies temperament! And the influx of people are wearing velvet shoes, you still doubt how stylish it in the end? Velvet, is a retro and slightly luxurious elements, with gentle and gorgeous luster and unique luxury texture, and lazy yet elegant tone, reebok store given the classical noble temperament Fan children. When the same retro range of children's reebok pump wine velvet, met the elegant little side with the collision of the promise to make you love the feet. A pair of shining thick with the retro Mary Jane shoes, crystal pearls and dazzling stones scattered each other, for the shoes to add a stylish charm. Solid and comfortable with the rough covered with bright flash cloth, filling the charming gesture.

Different from the elegant atmosphere of Mary Jane shoes, this double-lace deep mouth single product is more reckless and handsome. Square head design, can protect the toes wearing more comfortable, with a solid side with good stability, long legs walking difficult to fatigue. Although the velvet gives the first reaction is light luxury, retro, but in the fashion circle is not the lack of fresh and lovely elements. In the reebok shoes elegant velvet fabric embellishment embroidery and fluff, looks delicate and elegant. Hairy gives a warm feeling of close, highlighting the girls playful and cute. Light and delicate velvet fabric so that the foot more comfortable, comfortable flat with, walking without pressure, leisure and comfort. Decorative simple plush decoration makes monotonous feet become different. Field high set velvet with three-dimensional embroidery process, mink velvet vivid interpretation of romantic flowers! Paris-style exquisite heavy craft and the original ecological linen breathable soles, to create a real modern Free Shoes attitude.

Velvet is full of aristocratic atmosphere, this fabric can be used in any single product can shine. Velvet, small thin with, bow combination, low-key luxury will be your temperament set off the perfect temperament. Like elegant life, with a stylish attitude, stepped on a pair of velvet high heels, as if he is the Queen! Velvet can be said that almost all made with silk, is the fabric of the old noble nobility, and feel soft and strong sense of gloss. This pair of bow tip small high-heeled, very retro art of aristocratic Fan. Compared to the above intellectual and elegant shoes, black velvet is a lot of low-key, with hit color, embroidery unique design, leisure and thick style to bring you is unparalleled texture comfortable. Thick shoes have always been controversial, feel too cumbersome not significant fashion, in fact, you did not choose the shoes!