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How to match the shoes have to see the new clothes in summer wink

Some shoes are very tide but it is not suitable for impetuous summer only, but in the face of rows of shoes on the display stand, is it impossible to start? May wish to look at the mirror of their own, wearing what, accessories is what, with the match, this shoe is the best "lover." Summer, reebok shoes the pants will cover their legs, which seem bulky, let alone the material of these pants may be thick (compared to chiffon, modal material more skirt). Therefore, the pants themselves have to choose - nine points of light-colored wide-legged pants or narrow pants best, with simple design shoes to create a fresh feeling, from the visual elongated legs, try to avoid dark and Layered design. Among them, slippers, flat sandals, Muller high heels are a good choice. And do not reveal the toes of the pointed cat heels, is suitable for normal work or attend formal occasions.

If you have to choose the texture of the more heavy jeans, in addition to the universal slippers, try high-heeled belt sandals - more than 6cm with high, with the exposed summer toes color fish mouth style, feminine up! If you do not like high heels, a pair of elegant light ballet shoes, you can meet the daily needs. Jumping color - red, yellow, orange, or classic models of black pointed high-heeled can guarantee the instrument at the same time to enhance the degree of fashion, but also more suitable for working family.

Although the black pants and shoes are not suitable for the summer, but as long as to avoid the thick shoes and fur texture, choose a pedal or shoes are not violated. In addition, the same color of the boots coupled with tight trousers, it is long legs standing. Wearing youthful lively shorts or short skirts, relative to the restrictions on the trousers is not so much. Shoes, canvas shoes and even a little bulky boots and thick shoes can be used, not only will not look bulky, but also look more handsome, boyfriend force max. The high frequency of slippers is not Reebok Outlet only very cool, but also suitable for rainy days. However, some people will think that slippers are too casual, it is still obediently choose a sense of design sandals or reebok classic flat Muller shoes it. Before the feathers and embroidery to write a single product, can be reflected to the shape of the extra points of small thoughts.

Summer tan tan afraid of hot girls, long skirt is your best magic weapon. Although the street is very fashionable, but they also have to step on the minefield - any black, thick, open toe and occlusion of the ankle at the same time the design is simply anti-human. As the summer appearance of the highest rate of white skirt, small fairies who can match the color of a single shoe or bag, summer feeling is not exactly the same? The

If you love printing, the design of the cumbersome pompry skirt or the unique texture of the skirt (velvet or satin), then the choice of color in the shoes will be very careful - black, white, nude color, gray, no Better choice than this. The design of the toe is brighter than the Baotou design.

Finally, how can we forget our versatile king of small white shoes? Of course, she has a fatal flaw - easy to dirty, so to avoid the cloth material. Of course, except for the tyrannical ... However, fashion is not their own happy things? Maybe you can bring winter shoes to the summer to wear.