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How to maintain long boots?

Long boots warm and stylish, so many girls like to buy long boots. Wear long boots often encounter a variety of problems, such as: dropped tube. So long boots maintenance how to do?

1. First support with the shoe support.

2. wipe the shoes with ash cloth shoes.

3. Oiled. This is because over time, the upper gum will be thicker so that the upper becomes brittle, cracked.

A. Water quality shoe polish wax and colloid, can not be used, can only rub the shoe.

B Paste shoe polish contains greases, waxes, solvents (with volatility, oil and wax penetrate the skin), colorants. Use a small head oiled, thinner and more uniform. Speed aster, so as to avoid volatile solvents rub uneven.

4, dry ten minutes, so vamp solvent light. A little black hair on the surface when the cloth or brush with a quick rub, tactics should be light, it seems touch non-touch, big brush to keep dry, so that the upper light.

5. Dry outside the day and then received, the solvent evaporation, dry shoes.

6. Shoe with cardboard fixed, lying down. Re-use of old stockings, collection. Finally, add desiccant.

Light leather, matte leather maintenance: wear the best at 10 degrees Celsius, so that the coating is not easy to break. Surface treatment is best to use white or colorless shoes and milk, especially not oily brightener care, otherwise it will cause the coating off.

Serpentine leather maintenance: You can use shoes or water-based brightener care, must not use oily brightener, to prevent hardening.

Shea butter, discoloration Oil skin care: wear should pay attention to waterproof, anti-fouling, it is recommended to use leather clothing or sofa cleaner care.

Pattern sheepskin and plaid sheepskin care: not in the care of brightener, the application of better colorless high-grade footwear. However, the amount of shoes and lakes should not be too reebok classic much, should be applied evenly, after treatment, leather color will be slightly deepened, but the volatile shoes and milk, the basic recovery as ever. As the color slightly darker, is a normal phenomenon.

Wipe sheepskin maintenance: Wipe the sheepskin wearing, the natural bleaching is a normal phenomenon, will not be a large area off, but not easy to wear when you are prone to local bleaching serious. Can not be used continuously for a long time; avoid rain and damp cloth wipe test, if encounter grease, stains, cleaning is easy to local bleaching, care can be clean with a clean cloth wipe, keep the leather surface degree of color, and then the shoe Inside the paper into the ventilation after 1 hour, the natural dehumidification and then returned to the shoe box; do not use bright agent care, will cause the skin white, wrinkling and other phenomena, the proposed use of colorless shoe polish, care when Lightly coated, light rub, to restore the gloss can be.

Flat patent leather, wrinkled patent leather care: the surface of the dust can be a clean damp cloth (not dripping better) light rub can also be used leather cleaner or cleaning cream care, but not with brightener or shoe care. Brightener will cause the fake coating off, shoe polish will crumple upper, patent leather is reebok pump best worn at Reebok Outlet Store 10 degrees Celsius above is appropriate.

Dyed water, waxing skin care: water dyed leather, waxed leather is uncoated leather, easy to absorb moisture and stains, sales should pay attention to water stains or other stains. Shoe care when wearing, should avoid the rain, do not wear to wipe the dust, keep the upper brightness, to prevent mildew.

Dark floral sheepskin care: Dark sheepskin care is relatively simple, with better shoes, creams can be.