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How to deal with leather fold creases

Leather shoes wear for a long time will play folds We all know that wearing a feeling is no effect but it affects the appearance, then the shoes have normal folds? How to deal with fold creases? Below to understand together! Wrinkles in leather shoes are normal and wrinkles may occur in either the dermis or fake leather. Because firstly when a person walks, he has a heel to lift the forefoot to the ground. The instep is bent and the upper is naturally bent. This way, reebok classic when he walks for a long time, he will have obvious creases. ~ General foot and toe connection. It is easy to wrinkle everywhere. The second reason is that it is not suitable for the feet and it is easy to cause folds, because the skin will be bent into the empty place, the more obvious the more empty. The third reason is that the leather shoes are exposed to moist air or wetted by water and are also likely to swell and distort, causing wrinkles. The Reebok Outlet severity of the folds has a lot to do with how people walk and how often they wear shoes. If you reebok running shoes often bend the uppers, and do not pay attention to the maintenance of the shoes to rest, even the best shoes will fold very powerful. It is not easy to wrinkle skins such as deerskin, ostrich skin, snakeskin, wild boar, suede, pearl fish, suede, horse fur, wrinkled leather, and wrinkles that are easier to wrinkle. And patent leather.

1. Buy new leather shoes from the store. Use a piece of raw chicken oil before you wear it. Rub the leather shoes three times. After drying, wipe it again with a clean cloth and apply shoe polish. This will make the shoes not afraid of the rain. Water splashes.

2. After the leather shoes are wet with water and rain, the cortex is affected and the service life is shortened. In this case, you should wipe off the mud, then dry the shoes in a ventilated place and then apply shoe polish.

3, when the shoes do not wear, should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, but remember not to be placed in the sun exposure, but can not be placed on the stove to bake, so as to avoid the leather shoes crisp, cracked or heat shrink.

4, because the shoe oil is a dry oil, it should only wipe the shoes worn every day, not suitable for long-term storage of the shoes, or easy to make shoes dry crack. When storing leather shoes, apply a layer of raw animal oil to the surface of the shoes. If you cut a piece of lard and repeatedly rub on the surface of the leather shoes, you can protect the leather surface and prevent the shoes from drying and cracking.

5, leather shoes often rub oil. When rubbing oil, add one or two drops of vinegar to the leather shoe polish to make the leather shoes shine bright and lasting. Where there are wrinkles in leather shoes, you should rub more oil, and the front tip and heel can be rubbed less. After wiping the oil, brush it with the shoe brush first and then wipe it with a cloth several times. Shoe polish should not be painted too much, but must be painted evenly, otherwise it will make shoes leather flower. If a pattern appears, you can use gasoline to wipe out the area where the shoe polish is too thick.

6. Before putting the removed shoes into the shoe, be sure to put Reebok Outlet a soap inside. An easy little trick, but it can help you solve the odor of shoes cabinet! Even if it's an old stench, as long as there is a soap inside each pair of shoes, the odor will almost disappear within three days.