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How to care leather shoes How to clean leather shoes How to care leather shoes

After buying a new pair of leather shoes, after wearing dirty, maybe reebok pump you will not know how to clean leather shoes, in fact, leather shoes do not have to wash it, you ask how to clean the leather shoes, explain your leather shoes, this area Also at the rookie level.

As long as the leather shoes are diligently maintained, there is no need to wash it. Maybe some comrades regard the process of maintenance, some of which are regarded as washing shoes, and it is easy for people to mistakenly believe that leather shoes are washed with water. As long as the leather shoes are carefully protected when worn, care should be taken when not wearing them. The cowhide shoes can be kept clean and ensure longevity. So when it comes to how to wash leather shoes, we should turn to the topic of how to maintain leather shoes, or how to do dirty leather shoes.

How to clean leather shoes:

1 Lightly brush the entire shoe with a large shoe brush to see if the protruding part of the shoe edge reebok classic reebok pump is stained with dirt.

2 Shoe edges or seams and other convex parts, with a small shoe brush to remove dirt and fine dust.

3 Loosen the shoelace and remove the dirt from the outside with a small shoe brush.

4 Remove the ballpoint pen or traces of ink: Use a softer rubber eraser. To prevent discoloration, place a few drops of clear water on the stain.

5 Squeeze a little clean oil on the cloth and paint the entire shoe. At this time, the most important thing is to completely clean the old shoe polish that remains on the shoes.

6 Use another cloth (not mixed with a cloth that uses clean oil), apply a small amount of shoe polish, and apply the entire shoe. Shoe polish is about the size of a pinkie.

7 After painting the entire shoe, polish the entire shoe with a clean soft cloth. The details must not be sloppy.

8 Finally spray with waterproof fog. Waterproof fog can not only make shoes prevent water from attacking, but also has the effect of not easily contaminating the dirt.

To put it simply, when the shoes are dirty, or if they step on the water of a shoe, first use a soft cloth or paper towel to suck the moisture in the heavily dampened parts and wipe off the sludge that has splashed on the surface. If there is a larger piece of mud attached, you can scrape it off with the back of the knife and wipe it with a slightly moistened cotton cloth.

The cleaned leather is maintained with the same color of maintenance oil, or some daily foods and daily items also have leather care functions. For example, use the expired emollient oil for maintenance, or use the sticky inner surface of the banana skin to clean the leather shoes. When it is dry, the leather shoes will regain their luster.