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Flip fur shoes white and faded how to get?

Turn the fur shoes wear a long time, it is easy to white and fade, so really affect the beautiful appearance of shoes, then turn the fur shoes white and faded how to get? Turn the fur faded fade is normal, many shoes will encounter. The newly bought fur shoes can get a special care shop, a good care oil, care oil can be very good fade, prolong the life of the flip fur shoes. Of course, you can buy nursing oil, their own operation at home, turn the fur shoes fade at the paint care oil, and then the shoes can be dried, and so on shoes dry, even before the fade and then serious shoes will not fade again. Turned fur shoes white is a very awkward sign, but also a lot of flip leather shoes will appear, then how to remedy this situation? Step one: Brush with a large shoe brush the entire shoe, take a look at the protruding part of the shoe along with dirt, find the dirty place. Step two: use a soft brush dipped in detergent slowly brush, be careful not to force. Scrub leather will be white. Because they are pigmented. Step three: After scrubbing in a cool, ventilated place to dry, the leather surface is dry when dry, and then bristle brush dipped some hair powder. Step four: wait for the upper to dry, the shoes inside the newspaper protection, 15 centimeters away from the shoes evenly spray update agent. Renewal agent contains a light agent, colloid (to enhance the adhesion of other substances), pigments, solvents (soluble mixture of substances) and so on. The main purpose of spray update agent is complementary color. Black shoes and so easy to wear for a long time, the best qualifier.

Cowhide: Cowhide facial pores small, round, evenly distributed Reebok Outlet and close, smooth leather surface, texture full, delicate, smooth appearance of the flat, touch the texture of a solid hand and flexible. When selected, such as squeezing the leather surface, there are small folds appear. Leather products made with leather processing, if not carefully look, barely visible bristles. At the same time, because the thick leather to wear very crisp. Sheepskin: Sheep leather pores oval, clear pores, composed of a few groups arranged in fish scales. Leather products made with sheepskin processing, delicate cortex, soft, although the surface shiny, but not as bright as cow products, hard to squeeze the leather surface, there are obvious wrinkles. Sheepskin products to wear comfortable. Pigskin: pigskin face pores round and thick, three tied into a group, arranged in a triangle, each separated by farther, leather surface uneven. Even after polishing, can be identified. Leather surface more rough leather, feel hard. Leather: also known as letter Reebok Outlet Store" href="/">Reebok Outlet Store leather. Due to the current use of polyurethane non-woven synthetic leather manufacturing imitation leather products, the appearance of leather products with the left near, and even to achieve "random" degree. This requires more careful identification and choice. In general, imitation leather is chemical material applied to the reebok store fabric processing. Imitation leather look, feel resembles cowhide; imitation sheepskin appearance, feel like a sheepskin, leather luster. But look no leather pores, floor non-animal skin.