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Flat shoes with fashion, still significantly higher legs long

Cool autumn, crush their wardrobe clothes pants all replaced the autumn, used to greet the breeze of the autumn, of course, the shoes can not fall behind Oh! Early autumn weather, wearing high heels is very beautiful and very temperament, but often wear and tired, and occasionally to the feet to release the pressure, so fashionable flat bottom pointed shoes, it became necessary for the season The transition of a single product. For the lack of MM, wearing flat shoes really need courage, in fact, Xiao Bian feel that the beauty of the woman in addition to the day after the dress, the most important thing is to have confidence, to know that this is not everyone Some, in order to spread it out from the bones, or need more tempered, and now most of the flat shoes are pointed design, so the sisters do not have to worry about, because the pointed shoes sexy reebok pump fashion, but also can be modified Foot type Oh, so no obvious dwarf is a transition to the winter of the short season, but the bleak autumn wind blowing on the body or will be very cold, sister who wear sandals feet or will be very cold, directly put on the British Shoes or sports shoes, or will be a little hot, all comfortable wild flat bottom pointed shoes, it has become the main product of this season, sister who is not a rare guy N double thing Oh!

Comfortable wild flat shoes, in the end how comfortable, only through the sister who know, that feeling really is very free, the feet did not have a sense of restraint, and wear it far away do not tired feet , But also with the comfort of the people, or use it to wear a high charming curve of the posture, the long paragraph of the loose sets of US clothing, can be directly when the skirt to wear, revealing the legs in the pointed shoes on the backdrop, even more Slim upright. Fashionable pointed design, the perfect modification of the foot of the curve, filling the delicate and charming, camel elegant and the atmosphere, that will not pick color Oh, suede soft texture, followed by geometric graphic design, a little more Handsome and vigorous feel, the word buckle show sexy ankle loose oversized clothing body has a good tolerance, upper body covered the meat was thin, will not pick stature, the long section of reebok classic the clothes can be directly when the skirt to wear, Cuffs hit color stitching, fashion and atmosphere, and super heavy age was tender Oh

This time the climate is very comfortable, not cold nor hot, but sooner or later the weather cooler faster, plus autumn from time to time to visit, or will feel a little cool, so the sister who still have to add a suitable for their own Jacket Oh, coupled with comfortable wild flat shoes, casual and comfortable, yet yet fashion sense Oh, my sister quickly get it up, let your feet enjoy the release, enjoy the free soft matte matte texture , Leather inside comfortable and breathable, flat design and smooth, and not tired feet Oh, leather cross strap with fashionable pointed design, so that the feet look slender and slim, with the word buckle convenient and practical red passion Fire, upper body full of vitality of the dynamic youthful atmosphere, the shoulder of the black and white hit color stitching, fashion and atmosphere, the body of the fine embroidery, fashion and beautiful, the overall fresh and age, simple and generous collar full and generous Of the temperament clean and neatly cut upper body highlights the slim and charming leg curve, with nine pants design, filling tall tall legs, trousers on the curling design, Playful and legs are long, pants on the burr embellishment, personality and trendy fashion elegant flat bottom pointed shoes, you can wear a sweet and lovely college Fan children, this point you believe it or not, anyway, I believe. As a person admire the fashion of the people, the sister who is also reluctant to hide their own advantages, loose round neck sweater, with a black skirt, playful and sweet, but also highlights the slim and charming long Legs, coupled reebok shoes with pointed flat shoes, dynamic and dynamic red passion like fire, but also set off the street white and charming color, patent leather exudes graceful warm luster, stylish pointed design, filling the slender feet , Shoes, metal buckle embellishment, fashion and personality, leather comfortable and breathable

Ginger and beautiful eyes, while there are bright and bright skin effect, exquisite round neck design, highlights the refreshing neck, loose clothing body hollow lace design, exquisite and stylish, but also block Belly fat on the skirt on the double-breasted design, beautiful and practical, filling handsome fashionable dress wind, high waist cover meat was thin, while raising the waist, filling the charming curve of the charming body, waist Bow and romantic and playful, upper body age and tender tender