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Fashion spring shoes, embroidered world picturesque

Spring wear new, spring shoes also reebok pump replaced. Saying that this spring's single shoes continues the previous year's upsurge, the elements of embroidery have once again become a highlight in various fashion icons. It is impossible to admire its long-lasting charm. Embroidery shoes we are talking about today are actually popular embroidery shoes in Chinese tradition. Many peoples continue the tradition of hand-stitched clothing, so a thousand layers of soles and an embroidered upper are all good things for many craftsmen. Today, mass production can no longer guarantee manual protection for every piece of embroidered shoes, but the ingenuity handed down from reebok classic traditional craftsmanship is preserved and preserved. Embroidery shoes are popular because they are exquisite in craftsmanship. On the one hand, they are exquisitely designed. They retain the folk arts and craftsmanship that originated in the people. They also carry the Reebok Outlet responsibility of linking ancient and modern, and grafting fashion and tradition. Thick leather embroidered shoes with waterproof platform design, exquisite embroidery, leather material in calfskin, retro folk style, stylish single shoe buckle, suitable for spring wear, wild and casual.

The new embroidered flower shoes, three-dimensional embroidery of bees and flowers, thick platform soles, casual style, gorgeous colors, lively style, stylish atmosphere. The embroidered shoes made from the inner layer of pigskin leather in the first layer are hollowed out in the upper. The whole pair of shoes are more breathable and sweat-absorbent, comfortable to wear, and have a good foot feel. It is also very convenient to travel on foot. Canvas thick-soled fisherman shoes, embroidered straw espadrilles, flat-bottomed canvas fabrics, easy to wear, suitable for lazy people to wear in spring, reebok classic casual and cute and comfortable a single shoes. . In the early spring of 2018, the new embroidered shoes featured beaded gauze fabrics, low-heeled styling, hollow translucent uppers, beautiful and comfortable, and a superb sense of relaxation. Hand-made original embroidered shoes, velvet vamps, Chinese style of the original embroidery, high-heeled shoes design, the upper embroidered delicate shiny, especially suitable for dress with a cheongsam. All-in-one style, below the rear with embroidered pattern texture, cool fashion, thick-soled platform shoes, suitable for young people.