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Elegant walking type, urban-type men develop mind

Type male "is gradually being the word of attention by everyone, the appearance of superior beauty is not just a woman's attention, and more and more boys have begun to focus on matching, male from the step by step to develop. Walking elegant , Urban-type men to remember! Want temperament type, although the natural temperament accounted for a large composition, but can also be based on learning to carry out a better show in the reebok running shoes metropolitan working class seems to occupy the entire city, with the same You work the same clan, the same white shirt black suit, but if you pay attention to the white shirt clean and tidy black suit and decent, then you will be able to successfully stand out.Who said that working people are always stereotypes can not show their own male style, Real men are from the city to create a bit by bit from the degeneration, only the white shirt plus the suit of ordinary costumes came out of their own reebok pump flavor, you can easily control any other style of clothing, will become Walk type male earth color makes it has a small retro maturity charm, decorative shoes on the surface of the shoelace design is a good solution to the solid color The surface is too boring issue, uneven texture to create a unique shoes. Three of the sole use of design, non-slip effect is better, and easier to fold a variety of styles, softness greatly enhanced!

Round head shoes style design, full liberation of the feet, to create the most fit the body's foot configuration, black leather pure black will be reflected in the extreme kind of good, giving the overall create a noble elegance sense. First layer of leather upper with the most reebok pump sophisticated sewing technology, as well as comfortable non-slip rubber soles, caring everywhere. Slim satin black shirt, all aspects of creating the most fascinating for you model range of children! Satin material, close to show your muscular body but very breathable does not seem hot, while the collar and cuffs trinkets make the whole shirt to enhance a lot of lively feeling. Tight legs harness pants, although it is all black style, but charming charm, but only increase. After the rise of nine pants shape, straight and self-cultivation style, your legs to reebok pump create a straight and long feeling, leisure travel to help you concave shape!