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Do you have your shoes?

Into the fall, the shoes will be slowly "season", and gradually replaced sandals, put on more suitable for autumn shoes. The most suitable for autumn shoes, it is comfortable and wild, but also very fashionable, presumably every men's shoes will have a pair of shoes! Today, the shoes are more and more styles, men's desire for the shoes are more and more intense, for the very eye-catching single product, men in the purchase of shoes is far greater than the probability of clothing, and then wear the season trendy, the most Eye-catching shoes, so that the shoes become the body highlights. It is considered by the upper society as the most formal type of shoes in modern dress. Retro series of Oxford shoes its complex hand can better reveal a low-key elegant style, sketched out the elegant gentleman style. Selection of Italian leather manufacturing, crisp, breathable, delicate. Classic anti-velvet leather Oxford shoes, elegant retro style, formal and casual occasions are applicable. Uppers, soles are made of leather materials, quality Zhenzhi, foot feel more comfortable. Rich baroque British atmosphere, the gentleman taste show most vividly. Breathable pattern, elegant and dry. Sheepskin inside, gentle and comfortable, the second skin of the wonderful foot feeling. Soft leather soles, wear-resistant craft to create a comfortable gentleman experience.

Perfect body lines can not be separated from day and day of adherence to exercise, and now love to run reebok classic more and more people, especially for busy office workers in terms of both handsome and do not delay fitness night run is what they want need! Therefore, the choice of a pair of beautiful and functional shoes, also appears to be particularly important. Upper hand-woven into a mesh effect, with good permeability, suitable for autumn wear. Shoe wall fine stripes design, enhance the sense of hierarchy, combined with woven mesh, more fine craft. Two-color foam soles, fashion novel, to a certain extent, can ease the standing, walking pressure. Innovative tongue design, to ensure that when walking will not shift, wearing comfortable fit, delicate material, exquisite car dealers line. Continuation of the classic shape, simple shape color design, leading the new trend of retro fashion. High-quality wear-resistant cushioning soles, delicate soft.

Vamps with the entire composition of solid color knitting, different parts of different knitting methods to ensure that wearing comfort and service times. Retro trend shape color, leading the new trend of autumn and winter trend. Big color matching body color, to provide a good cushioning effect. reebok classic Discolored mesh, can show different colors in different angles, and can control the horizontal and vertical elastic angle. The structure allows the running shoes to have better longitudinal flexibility and achieve a comfortable fit. reebok shoes Followed by the classic protective components at the same time enhance the permeability, wearing more comfortable. Can get lazy, yuppie, with a variety of styles of Carrefour shoes, not a pair of concave shape, it is a bit pity. Coupled with the days of cool, wearing slippers sandals the day will soon have passed. Early into the preparatory stage, elegant music blessing shoes up, casual wear can match.