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Do a more feminine woman, to wear high heels

High heels can highlight the feminine, a beautiful woman, shoe must have a few reebok shoes pairs of beautiful high heels. High heels, is difficult to wear. It is because you did not choose, did not wear high heels. We want to choose shoes. Choose high heels, be sure to try a few pairs, until the appropriate bit so far. Afternoon evening when the best, take a lot of road, feet also distraction. So that we can choose the appropriate number of yards. If you are used to wear high heels, do not suddenly wear 10CM hate days high. This is too tired. You can choose to wear 4CM, so gradually over, and finally slowly put on with the relatively high. But also from the rough with the reebok classic wear, and then slowly transition to fine with. 3. Appropriate use of insoles

If the shoes are relatively large, walking is not stable, perhaps sliding forward Able to put a half palm insole in the shoes, you can be more comfortable.

4. Wear a tape, a waterproof platform, or a shoe with a thick shoe sole.

The shoes of the strap will be firmly tied to the ankle, to prevent forward sliding. Waterproof tables can not only increase, and will not let you feel as standing on the toes. The heel of the ground will not be so big. Walking more smoothly.

High heel first floor, then the forefoot and toes and then landing. And then your body's center of gravity falls on your forefoot and move your body forward. This will be more stable. Walk the steps of a little longer, a long time, you can wear clothing temperament.