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Different occasions need different heels, what would you choose?

High-heeled shoes are a must-have item for a mature woman. A pair of good high-heeled shoes is not only more confident and elegant, but also reflects the taste of a woman's life. Many sisters are likely to take the first consideration into comfort and appearance. Also need to consider its different occasions, the needs of different crowds of seasons. Meet the high-heeled shoes that people need on a daily basis, so that shoes not only wear on the feet, but also highlight our personality and style. A pair of nude patent leather high-heeled shoes, for the OL, is more than an indispensable single product, although the price of hot shoes is expensive, but the material on the leather is very comfortable on the foot, 5cm write with you, will not give the foot A heavy burden to help you cross the workplace and shopping malls. Heaviness of thick heeled shoes has never been concealed, but thick heeled shoes have the benefits of thick heeled shoes, do not tired feet and appear very stable. If used to match jeans is definitely the best choice for the street, the generous design of the reebok classic square head can accompany you for a long time across the time limit.

Sandals are the exclusive products of summer, especially the house is very popular for leisure and vacation. The mysterious black color of sandals on this high heel sandals is embellished with the decoration of pearl stars, let you release it, enjoy the cool, and liberate the feet full reebok shoes of summer. The Reebok Outlet frequency of appearance in our daily life can not be described as high, but wear flat bottom style, you can try crude with the version, simple and easy to match, retro British version is suitable for the student party girls. Your degree of surprise always depends on your boldness. Of course, boldness is not grandstanding and you don't need avant-garde alternatives. Only need a pair of red shallow shoes, fine and pointed, the first impression is extremely warm, give a strong visual impact, rush across all your hesitation.