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Choose shoes for your child

A pair of good shoes go the world. Children are in the crucial period of physical development. The shoes are not worn properly, and their impact on the development of the foot is very great. Children's shoes selection principle:

Size: Shoes must be suitable. To measure the length of the child's foot, the space reserved in front of the shoe should be reasonable, reebok shoes and can not wear shoes that are too fat or too thin, it must be very good to cover the foot, the overall length is slightly larger about 1 cm is appropriate.

Style: toddler shoes to choose a higher surface, shoes, shoes, deeper face. Such shoes are more legged and shoes don't fall off easily. The shallow shoes and low shoes seem to be easier to put on, but the baby's heel is narrow and it is not easy to hang shoes. It is not safe enough.

Material: The upper uses leather, microfiber and other breathable materials can be good, to keep the shoes dry, comfortable, avoid wearing shoes made of airtight synthetic material. Try not to choose too soft cloth shoes, too soft material can not stabilize the position of the foot in the shoes.

Sole / Insole: soles and insole should not be too soft, to make the soles of the feet feel the grip, so that it is conducive to exercise the foot muscles, stimulate the development of nerves on the soles of the feet. Insole reebok store material, cotton, suede leather will be able to keep the foot comfortable.

Heel: The child is in a period of reebok pump growth and development. Putting on shoes with a heel reebok classic will cause the upper body to lean forward and the buttock to protrude. The whole body weight load is not in the full foot, and the forefoot and toes are also easily deformed due to extrusion, which is not conducive to the foot. Department of normal growth and development. If there is a child who can't follow the ground or have a long or short leg, he can make up the heel of the foot pad properly.

There are differences in choosing shoes of different ages:

Infant period (1 month to 1 year old): During this period, children develop faster and grow faster. The shape of the foot bones is not formed. Wearing shoes will affect the normal development of the bones. Parents are advised not to wear shoes for children and summer is barefoot. Hey, day cool to wear socks can be.

Infant (1~3 years old): Because the child spends a lot of fine mechanic walking every day while learning to walk, and the lack of muscle strength of his own legs, he should try to choose some light shoes. Infant children walk unsteadily, the soles are too slippery and easy to wrestle, too non-slip shoes are too gripped and are not conducive to walking. Therefore, when choosing shoes, pay attention to the friction of the soles and choose shoes with moderate slip resistance.