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Canvas shoes and how to choose a good breathable shoes and shoes

To talk about this canvas shoes, which is a lot of people like to wear, shoes are worn on their feet, whether it is only comfortable to know, to see how can the selection of canvas shoes? Canvas shoes and shoes which is breathable: canvas shoes how to pick:

1, identify the regular manufacturers. General canvas shoes, regular manufacturers will be marked on the box size, color, production of materials used, manufacturers phone, and reebok classic its quality standards. If this information is not, then quickly and this pair of shoes that 88!

2, observe the details of the shoes section. Select the first look at the upper canvas shoes to the curvature of the normal, here tell MM a simple observation method is to see from the heel to see the shoe body and the soles are vertical, if not vertical enough, then this pair of shoes will basically no drama The.

3, carefully compare two shoes. Put the two canvas shoes on the ground to see if they are symmetrical, there are parts of the color, pattern, height, length, width, and so on, and then pick up the shoes to see the soles of the anti-slip stripes are clear.

Canvas shoes and shoes which is good ventilation:

From the breath of shoes point of view, canvas shoes permeability is better than shoes. Because the main material canvas shoes canvas, and shoes are PU, patent leather material, and the fabric of the ventilation holes than PU, patent leather and other materials larger, so the breathable shoes can be better than the shoes. Of course, canvas shoes, although the permeability is better, but the rain is easy to wet, so MM can usually wear canvas shoes, but rainy days can be considered wearing shoes.