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Bought a wardrobe shoes, the highest utilization rate of this 6 pairs

Do not know here, ladies and gentlemen are not the same feeling and A strange, obviously bought a closet shoes, but also found that they wear every day, that several pairs, in fact, not a prodigal, but from here you can find, Although the number of shoes, but still have to take into account how it is actually wear a girl must still have a pair of high heels, ah, otherwise how to deal with those demons ghosts. However, after get off work, I still need a pair of comfortable and comfortable to wear very flat shoes after the leisure time, today A strange to recommend to you a few basic often wear shoes, even if only these six pairs of shoes, you can fly beautiful. A pair of comfortable and durable high heels is what every girl should do. High heels are not only one of the best ways to create femininity, but also a sign of getting yourself into maturity. High-heeled shoes are more common everyday shoes are often worn in autumn and winter shorts spring and summer shoes as well.

Specially selected short boots thick with not followed by the style, so wear it will not be too stressful, walking will be more robust and comfortable. Sole material is very soft, or even fold up, so fit with both feet will be better, not tired. Shoes are very comfortable shoes, with about 6 cm high, be regarded as the style, and heel design is inward tilt style, in fact, this design will be more stable. Pointed style and color of the color is very suitable for work wear or in the leisure time with clothes, is the basis of wild style. Flat shoes for women in the workplace, in fact, can be regarded as the liberation of the feet, go out and go shopping on the weekend, or small holiday travel, a pair of solid and beautiful flat shoes is essential because Not only does it fit comfortably, it has to be responsible for helping us to create a more beautiful look. Cat heel is the best representative of both beauty and comfort, because the design of cats and heel shoes tend to be biased in favor of the design of the style with the glass, it will be stable. This cat heels upscale sparkling decoration, she reebok store would be very comfortable when out shopping, and when traveling, it can shoot beauty. Carrefour shoes are also commonly known as lazy shoes, a pedal design always allows you to save a lot of things, with the typical European and American style shoes design, more suitable with partial European and American style wear clothes, such as Check suit Set, or with a slightly retro dress, is also a very good choice.

Put on a pair of sports shoes, I feel young will be how old, in fact, sports shoes can be regarded as a very reduced single-product. Sneakers of many styles, but for the light go-between women, too young girl's color is not good to take clothes, choose camel, black color like. Camel pedal platform shoes, in many star airport photos are actually reflected, none of the other all highlights the vitality of a girl, especially if the upper body to play a short paragraph of leather or denim jacket, inside a A simple white T-shirt, wear this shoe will be the United States and the United States out to the street. Plate shoes for reebok pump everyday wear reebok classic is also essential for a single product, with shoes, the control of the range will actually be smaller, especially if the color is great, even take the coat, can be called On the mix and match the wind. This one shoes black color will be more wild.