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Autumn small shoes, accompanied by a fall from the retro style

If it is summer slippers occupy half of the feet of the sister, that reebok store fall, and both British style, college style and retro style shoes may be a grand debut! Of course, the popularity of small shoes because of its wild, whether it is Skirt with leggings, or directly with tight pants will be very thin legs Oh! Small shoes is actually a bit like the taste of men, feeling in the old Italian movies can often see, in fact, cool reebok shoes girls wear it is also a sense of! Because the characteristics of this pair of shoes is with the sex, it looks very comfortable, with what pants can catch a ride, upper body and then a small suit, sweat sister naive Han simply arbitrary! And on the same, this pair of small shoes is also a neutral wind, and now the cold wind so popular, sister you really need such a pair of cool shoes. Sexy little tip outline the charming lines, full of thick British style. Thumb heel and khaki rubber outsole is also full of touching craftsmen taste. Small shoes are more Japanese flavor, but the gas field is still full. The use of gradient color fabric, the taste of retro shoes deduced most vividly. Tassels and bow tie, you can make the retro and free performance of the more let people indulge in pleasures without stop. Elegant wavy line and leaves of the end of the flower, the word: nice!

Lazy sister looked over! This pair of shoes is specifically for the lazy tied lace sister recommended. Pure hand-painted work to bring such a texture of the shoe skin surface, of course, this is also inseparable from the retro texture of the texture of frost. Comfortable wear-resistant soles let you in any occasion can reebok pump cope with ease. Obediently Mary Jane leather shoes, I heard that almost every girl is still lovely when the little LORI through Oh, and are the mother to buy! If you still miss the feelings of the words, to try this pair of thick bottom of the small round shoes, neat and perfect hand sewing stitch, so that the whole pair of shoes is no longer boring. Hollow technology so that this one also combined into the Oxford shoes unique British style. Whether you are walking a sweet wind or cool wind, it can give you the feeling you want. Playful tassels decorated to break the usual impression of the shoes on the people. Breathable fiber and soft and comfortable inside, no matter what season to wear will not have the taste, and step up very soft and very comfortable. Rough with the high just right, both to a certain extent, play a high effect, walking and not too uncomfortable. If you do not have time to catch the summer small white shoes wave, then give you a chance! Extremely simple shape and pointed design of the perfect encounter, to create an elegant taste. reebok running shoes Featured fine fabrics and reasonable design not only make shoes delicate and comfortable, but also revealed a trace of low-key literary Fan.