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Autumn gifts to send your feet, stylish boots

Recent news about the weather, "cooling" the word appears the highest frequency, temperature has been lower and lower day by day, sister paper dress, but also thicker day by day. To protect the reebok classic body, but also pay attention to his feet, to a pair of short boots, so that your feet are no longer cold, but also enhance the gas field. Few autumn gifts, fashion boots! Temperature day by day, the need to do the warm work of course, not only add thick clothing and pants, the body's second heart - the feet can not be neglected, a pair of ankle and small Booties, looking at the feet can be well protected, but not covered too tight and stuffy. Ankle boots have always been conducive to reebok classic show slender legs, combined with high-heeled, posture will be more tall and straight, rough with driving to control it is not difficult, most of the MM can try, two crossed the tape to flat faint vamp A lot of vivid, no more monotonous. Do you think the pure black ankle boots lackluster, but why it most demonstrates generous casual style, slim tip makes the entire profile is very delicate and unique, just beautify the foot lines, get rid of the old black heavy at the same time, with dirt and hundred Advantages are taken to retain.

Finally is a cute little boots, embroidery stamens blooming at the ankles, from light to deep color looks very comfortable. Flat with the design, fabric made of soft fabrics, people can not refuse ah. There are two shallow V-angle in the boots along the cylinder, retro means obvious, traditional embroidered shoes so charming bloom. Want to over-swagger, do not want to be too ordinary, small rough with, elegant camel, a touch of nostalgia, no extra decoration, take the golden line is also reebok classic very good, the color just right, not only set off a retro, Lack of modern fashion.