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Autumn and winter which is worth the girls to start the shoes?

Autumn and winter and friends ~ the children's wardrobe and shoe and the new round. Today Xiaobian and baby to discuss the discussion is the fall and winter season worthy of the shoes Oh ~ these types of US shoes, I believe you can make a new season in the United States! British wind shoes. British wind little shoes, some leather, some paint, each have their own bright spots. And the above tend to have some British style hollow design. Small shoes with a good match, black and coats, wide leg pants plus sweaters, jeans and down jacket, the British reebok classic wind shoes is to enhance the temperament of a shoe. snow boots. Speaking of winter the most practical shoes, it is none other than snow boots! Snow boots give a warm reebok pump feeling, wrapped in your feet, so warm from the feet to diffuse. And snow boots can also wear a very stylish feeling Oh ~ generally and personal socks with the match, you can also match a small skirt and sweater. boots. Boots according to the length of its boots can be divided into bare boots, boots and knee boots. If the legs are thick girls, you can choose boots or bare boots, if the legs are good-looking baby, then you can enjoy wearing boots ~ boots, knee boots, can bring out your temperament Come.

Peas shoes to wear is very comfortable ~ soles are generally very soft. It is more suitable for wearing in the fall with a pair of jeans, and Peas shoes more suitable for the style of sweet girls oh ~ show your little girl temperament. Martin boots as a branch of boots, wear on the feet let you be able to feel reebok classic a little more handsome feeling. Sometimes the Martin boots will be decorated with bright rivets, black boots to a little more distinctive highlights. Fashion and simple boots Oh ~ leather material, leather texture delicate soft, so you will not wear in the autumn and winter season, but also very warm! Overall is a British style of the design, 3.5 cm with the high can also elongate your leg lines. It is the biggest bright spot in the design of its rabbit ears, hairy ball with a smart ear, very cute cute ~ at the same time, as snow boots, its warmth is also very good, so that you peace of mind Winter Oh ~ shoes is very retro style of the British wind. The edge of the soles of a circle with a rivets, more of a sexy and fashionable. Can be said to be a wild wild shoes, short skirts, pants, stockings ~ can play a variety of easy to match!

Very stylish a knee boots Oh ~ it's relatively flexible elasticity of the boots, high elasticity, suitable for more babies. There are bow behind the lace, a little more sweet feeling. There are increased reebok shoes design, minutes lengthen your legs line Oh ~ Peas shoes feet feel really very comfortable, flat soft, pregnant women can change Oh ~ toe part there is a lovely big hair ball, To the shoes add a lot of fashion sense. Soles are non-slip, and a pedal design, very suitable for lazy!