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Autumn and winter boots season to take what to save those who pit off our regret boots

Women's shoes in the total lack of a pair of shoes, women's shoes are also a few pairs of "regret shoes." Autumn and winter to wear boots season to someone else to tell you to buy buy, Vogue want to tell you that there are several pairs of boots we can not touch You suddenly buy leopard boots really through a few times? You put the trend to buy the banded boots Why put the whole style after the evil? You see the stars stepping on the tip of the fine with the knee boots chic out of the street, he has not been out of the district had already hurt the shoes of the fall and winter has been so dull and dull, and then wear dark boots and fast and street integration? The first few quarters of a large number of fluorescent boots homeopathy, but also became the street patting children. Unfortunately, these colors gorgeous boots only suitable for thin wear! Ordinary people if the legs are slightly thicker, the legs of the fluorescent boots like two light bulbs, always remind others "my fat legs here!

"Wear darkness was thin," the truth put on the same boots, fluorescent color "amplification" role with dark to balance. Black bright patent leather can be described as a both avant-garde and taste of choice. Take the risk of wearing a fluorescent boots of the girls are a lot of water is the basic color is too boring, you tried to fight color boots? reebok classic Fight the color of the color of the boots do not seem too much force, not boring, enough to make you elegant winter. In addition, the heel is the other material or color can be contrast with the boots surface style is also a good choice.