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  • Pointed shoes more sharp and more fashionable

    Compared to the round shoes of the toe round shape, pointed shoes that sharp tip is undoubtedly a lot of sharp, very aggressive and aggressive means, strong personality, as many women deduce the trend of weapons. In the visual make the feet become slender, showing an elegant and sexy posture. If the round is reserved, the tip of the gas field exposed, active and bold to show their charm, the share of pride and self-confidence is palpable. Combined with high-heeled tide is infinite, from the legs to the feet reebok running shoes of the lines will be pulled up very beautiful, soles or red Oh, feel the charm of red shoes it This style of pointed shoes is suitable for wearing the workplace, so you look dignified, decent, and no lack of fashion and elegant temperament, whether it is formal or informal occasions can hold live. Heel is not high, but the foot effect is still very gas field, thanks to the texture of the leather, the grade is not falling on people.

    Twinkle twinkle little stars, how I wonder where you are. Bright cloth cloth to bring the effect of blingbling, shining really lovable. If dyed dressed in a big red, it is extremely eye-catching, but also with festive and auspicious atmosphere, so used to do wedding shoes is particularly appropriate, usually wearing it to participate in the party is also excellent. If you want a little beautiful, red is the best choice, although not on a sequined, but the patent leather glossy shiny, the same eye-catching. Design simple and generous, with a small rough with the same comfort, but a little more sense of design, toe diamond decoration is also a major bright spot. Nude color of the shoes, full of elegant taste. With but not particularly high, for you to increase a few centimeters out of thin air, but not difficult to control, the upper bow on the playful embellishment, so you look more lively and lovely, sweet age, through the city forest like the summer of the wizard. There are a lot of sister paper are non-high-heel do not wear, there are other sister paper on high heels and love and fear, no matter how high-heeled shoes attitude, shoe or should have so few pairs, in many occasions, high heels can for you Enhance the charm, and pointed combination is a sharp weapon, as you add a little big temperament.

    2017-03-25 13:59:48
  • Sweater should match what shoes four sweater should be with the shoes

    Many people are very attentive reebok outlet store to the sweater and pants or skirt with, but forget the shoes, then wear a sweater to take what shoes look good? Today, finishing the sweater with, hurry to learn how to match it. White map of the small bee pattern sweater looks very small fresh, model selection of dark underwear skirt, and silver lace with casual shoes to match the sweater, the overall dress is very college atmosphere, suitable for student party. Big red Mickey head cartoon sweater is a lot of young girls like, with white tights, a pair of red leopard lace shoes make you look more casual, but also rich personality.

    Pure gray fleece sweater in the winter is very popular, with a black double-layer yarn skirt not only will not appear unexpected and also look good, a pair of rules of the black Oxford shoes let you immediately become fashionable people. Sweater and sneakers is the most will not step with the mine, gray cartoon printing sweater and black tight leather pants, black sports shoes with a very trendy, is the preferred young girl dress. Above is finishing the sweater with what shoes, from the article we can see, most of the sweater with flat shoes together, we learn it?

    2017-03-25 13:52:58
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