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  • When wearing a single shoe, do not wear socks?

    Many women love shoes, for wearing a single shoes do not wear socks this problem, it is tangled, one is because usually wear other shoes have the habit of wearing socks, and secondly afraid of single shoes grinding feet uncomfortable. But Xiaobian here to tell you that wearing a single shoe is not to wear reebok outlet store socks, but wearing a sock but will feel very hot, and airtight; but if you have to wear wounds, etc., it is recommended to wear some stealth socks, both To ensure the comfort, but also in the mix with strange socks on the color and embarrassment. British stripes classic retro design, to the upper high-quality patent leather, with a shiny and endless fashionable atmosphere. Personality of reebok outlet store the British wind toe design, it is comfortable to wear the experience. Anti-skid rubber outsole, in the anti-skid at the same time also wear, not easy to foot. Classic British wind round shoes, with a modern girl Fan bow, it is unique out of the color; soft and comfortable and breathable bottom, wearing tired feet, shopping all day ok. Non-slip rubber outsole, anti-skid and wear; the reebok pump upper is the PU material, which is used imitation pig pattern PU, the whole is very texture.

    Flat shoes, the upper has a British bow design, it is a modern girl with a fan of the last century Fan. Classic round design with fine workmanship, so that the temperament of the whole shoe is very nice. Comfortable side with the details of the embellishment, but also has a different feeling. Invisible boat socks, the use of imported fabrics, with ice silk feel, comfortable and thin. reebok store Followed by the use of silicone anti-skid anti-off design, no need to worry about the problem of slipping.

    2017-09-23 11:00:53
  • New boots with: to play lower body missing, it can make your legs look longer

    This year in the short fall of the past, ushered in earlier than last year's early winter, thinking of the winter wrapped in elegant temperament long jacket small skirt with a classic boots, a small delicate design, plus On the 9 cm high with the thick with the short hair of the cashmere let you warm winter, the skin can let you free stretch, both large legs do not lose sexy charm. With the elegant autumn with a warm taste of the winter, a golden goddess essential. If you can not meet the big legs of the boots you, we continue for you three her life did not love, velvety texture, fur comfortable texture, plus our boots 65cm tube high, full of parcels care you delicate little Legs, round design with rough with, to ensure that you are in the stability of the non-slip rubber outsole, soft and light. There are 3 cm and 7 cm with the high, single and cashmere in the reebok pump choice of love that election that only for your beautiful. Sexy charm of the ultimate temptation, from the stockings of the charm of our stockings are made of core wire, with a high degree of transparency, flexibility is also very good, completely overcome the nylon silk and crystal silk defects, feel smooth and smooth, Mainstream products. reebok shoes Generally in order to closely woven for the top grade, not the role of external force under the body 60cm, up to 90cm, round with the design with a high 5 cm a drill drill number of 248. So the ultimate sexy style, but also for the winter boots style trouble?

    聽Europe and the United States wind Chelsea style boots, is a simple tip small boots, this biggest advantage of the first dirty, the second easy to clean, and with clothing can choose the recommended style, wild models from the brand power Fashion, with the heart is the biggest intention of this, both for the winter to do with, but also for your beauty to do care. Back to the student era college style wild reebok outlet net red with the paragraph, ultra-fiber leather surface resistant scratch resistance, very soft effect, knitted body, tube height 60cm, inside the pig skin, stereotypes rubber outsole, plus On the anti-skid the non-slip pattern, beautiful and wearable. This is best with long-sleeved sweater, a bright makeup can better highlight the small fresh beauty of women. The diversity of the world's personality you, or publicity, independence, love yourself? Personalized style, is to break common sense, to create a unique element of innovation, this life from the personality of the pointed hair in the tube single boots, warm outside, more unique, it is shaped with hollow round with the ring round Elegant curvature, my personality I call the shots, this personality is a single boots your food. The front zipper thick with round leather leather boots, this fabric and the inside is not stick together, we simply called the empty page, because we seek the softness of the cortex, the texture is like a thin layer, so the leather surface wrinkled Is a natural wrinkle, the former zipper is designed for a more stylish and unique design, Dongnuanxialiang excellent boots style.

    2017-09-22 11:20:20
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