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  • Why is the lace always loose?

    I believe that everyone has encountered such a problem, that is, walking on the road shoelaces to open, or still running, shoelaces and opened, inconvenient not to say, in the movement if the shoelaces are still very easy to open The But of course, the lace will open also gave the couple a lot of opportunities to enhance feelings ha ha. Why will the shoelaces open? There is a leisure not to do an experiment, said the shoelace is easy to open with the foot of the force point and so on elements, it was argued that the lace if the nylon material, it will be reebok shoes easy to release, even if Is dead knot is not OK; if it is hemp material, even if the knot reebok pump is not easy to open, so science to science, the impact of the material is also very large. But for the shoelace easy to open there is a ultimate solution, that is, wearing a pedal ah! No shoelaces, a reebok shoes move to solve, and good comfort ah, fashion is also very high, but also very good match, anyway, for the convenience of a pedal, I was convinced. Comfortable and comfortable to wear the music to the shoes to slightly, concise and concise stitching style, exceptionally comfortable and wearable rubber flat, a pedal wear off mode, must be home friends, go out of the wave must have a single product! The main reebok pump material is smooth and smooth ultra-fine velvet upper Oh, high-end fashion and wild comfort. Minimalist elastic band easy to foot design, seconds out do not delay, lazy patients with the gospel!

    Very fresh new art shoes, very good with the shoes, upper with a weaving process, much like fisherman shoes, with fresh and good-looking. Super soft shoes, with a skirt is really the best way to open the spring, the upper bow decorated decoration, but it will not fall, there are shoelaces decoration will not open simply too good. Full of personality of the loose shoes, pearls and metal chain decoration in the first layer of frosted leather upper, to create a fine fashion sense, pure hand sewing, bring retro atmosphere, full of vigor and vitality, soles massage design to make comfortable to wear more perfect.

    2017-07-21 11:04:29
  • Hand to teach you shoes and clothes with

    A set of exquisite clothing, if not a pair of beautiful shoes to match, it will give the overall beauty of the United States to bring some regret. Shoes with the most important thing is to consider the color of shoes and clothing, style, texture match. In general, the color of the shoes and clothing the same or similar color, wear it seems coordinated and elegant. If you really can not pick with the clothing with the appropriate shoes, the best choice of black shoes, because it is compatible with all kinds of clothing are more suitable. Shoes style should also be with the clothing style and change. In recent years straight jeans, jeans, puppies and other pants pants popular, the shape of the shoes is also the corresponding relatively thick shoes to the round or pointed development, with short and delicate, the upper with a variety of metal ornaments , Greatly favored by women.

    Fashion shoes, sports shoes, fitness shoes, but also because of wearing comfortable, with fashion, sportswear, jackets coordinated match, much people love. Selection of shoes should also attach importance to the clothing texture of the package.

    Dressed in artificial cotton clothing, with a pair of rich romantic color belt, fine with, pointed shoes, to look brisk, beautiful; if it is to work, go shopping or park, wear a pair of low-heeled shoes and wedge shoes are both light And comfortable. Dressed in suits, feet are wearing double shoes, will make people feel neither fish nor fowl. The suit is only wearing shoes only more harmonious, but the shoes are not applicable everywhere, such as: wear Chinese national costumes, wear shoes than shoes have style; another example: reebok store wear rich ethnic characteristics of clothing, wear shoes than shoes have style. Another example: rich ethnic minority characteristics of the clothing model, wearing a pair of embroidered shoes, it is very harmonious; if replaced by fashionable shoes, then the charm of the whole body dress greatly reduced. The current fashion show, men and women regardless of what clothing, all wearing shoes, may reebok pump not be beautiful. Dressed in sweatshirts who wear double travel shoes, will be able to show free and lively style.

    In addition, the color of the cooperation should also be considered. In general, light clothing to match the light leather shoes is appropriate However, black shoes and white shirt, up and down echoes, men and women are wearing a very harmonious. A young woman wearing a red cashmere cap, full of red high boots, wearing a black coat, hand with black leather gloves, looked both lively and lively and solemn. At present, women's shoes with the type of high and low, fancy from the complex Jane, the color from shallow to reebok pump shallow. More than eight centimeters Xiao palm (volume with), fine with high heel shoes, difficult to adapt to a long time standing, walking and work needs, which has gradually become three or four centimeters high heel, half heel and slope in the heel; Carry lines, string flowers, inlaid and other more complicated fancy has gradually become a simple to help the surface of the fancy and smooth; knot, buttocks into a shallow boat. In the high tube women's shoes market popular, its color from shallow to shallow, such as purple is yellow, bean gray, light blue and other colors replaced. With the general wear of casual shorts and dresses, jacket under reebok outlet the skirt of the popular, women's sandals are also thriving, of which the stars, full of head, full with, hollow and male style has become fashionable. As long as we can grasp the development trend of shoes, pay attention to clothing popular information, improve a little aesthetic ability, you can make their clothes, shoes more co-production, to dress themselves more beautiful.

    2017-07-20 11:16:33
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