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  • What are the benefits of wearing high heels?


    1. Protect and maintain the arch. The sole of the human foot is an arched bow, medically called an arch. The arch has enough elasticity to ensure the reebok pump stability of the human body when standing upright. It has sufficient elasticity when jumping, and it can buffer shocks and protect the nerves of the foot bottom from oppression. However, the heel should not be too high, 2 to 3 centimeters in height is appropriate, if the heel is more than 4 centimeters, the heel must be very small, wearing such high heels, will make the body's gravity concentrated in a small point, Not only will it not protect the arch of the foot, but it will easily cause strain on the muscles and ligaments of the foot, causing pain in the foot and waist, and will also destroy the physiological arch and lead to flat foot disease.

    2. Correct posture and maintain body shape. This needless to say, from the right way to wear high heels can be seen! Wearing high heels can make women's chest and buttocks prominent, can show the beauty of women's curves, make standing, standing, walking reebok classic posture more beautiful, more spiritual, full of reebok pump youthfulness. Especially for young women of short stature and late maturity, putting on high-heeled shoes can increase their appearance from the appearance, which is beneficial to their physical and mental health. !

    3. Stovepipe + Decrease belly. Because of the high heel, in order to maintain balance when walking, it is necessary to raise the abdomen, lower leg, help the chest expand, increase lung capacity, and can make abdominal muscles and calf muscles; also increase abdominal pressure, reduce abdominal fat It is good for obese women. At the same time, when walking in high heels, due to the forefoot, the vibration is reduced, and the internal organs and brain are protected.


    The advantages of high-heeled shoes can not be denied, but their shortcomings are also many, not all women can wear. Generally speaking, it is only suitable for healthy youth and middle-aged women, and it is appropriate to use half-heeled (middle heel 4 cm) or general high heel (5-6 cm). Heels with more than 6 cm are more beneficial and less harmful. Especially pointed high heels are harmful.

    Scientific research: The best heel is 3-4 cm, and those over 6 cm will be counterproductive. Because the heel is too high, too small, the support surface of the sole is small, the body's center of gravity is unstable, the weight of the whole body is pressed on the forefoot and the toe, so that the pressure of the front transverse arch and the rear cross arch of the foot is increased, and the chest is forward Tight, protruding buttocks, can cause bending of the spine. For a long time, not only will reebok outlet store the joints of the legs be stiff and the muscles are sore, but it may also cause deformation of the arch, or pain in the heel and ankle, and diseases of the toe face joints.

    Such as wearing pointed high-heeled shoes, the front is too narrow, the toe squeezed in them, not only the feet as uncomfortable to wear small shoes, but also hinder the foot blood circulation, a long time, can cause toenail in the human flesh, the forefoot will be born Corns or calluses, toes can produce calluses, affecting the appearance of the foot.

    2018-05-21 10:19:50
  • White shoes with what pants look good White shoes with how to match

    Shoes wear example 1: canvas shoes shoes + jeans + casual jacket

    White canvas shoes shoes are wild shoes among the shoes, and jeans and casual jackets form a classic match, canvas shoes with the skills of the shoe is to choose the version of jeans, Slim models of jeans with canvas shoes can give a fashion The collocation effect. Whether you enter the workplace or entertain yourself, you are 100% fit with your mind.

    Shoe wear example 2: College wind leather shoes + leggings + knitwear

    The key to matching the shoes is how the shoes reebok outlet store match with what the clothes look like. For example, the combination of college wind sneaker shoes, ladies wind and literary style deeper, if the individual gas field is not very strong, may wish to use this style collocation method, leggings display body, and black leggings and shoes hit color, With the fresh tops, people feel that you are a storyteller.

    Shoes wear example 3: sports shoes + fashion coat + casual pants

    In other words, shoes with sports shoes and clothes can reflect a theme - handsome. When we choose the style of the shoes, we may wish to combine it with the season. For example, in the comfortable fall season, sports and leisure shoes are the season of choice. Selecting sports shoes can be matched with black casual trousers. And can wake up the theme of fashion.

    Shoe wear example four: British style shoes + white shirt + skinny jeans + long section knitted cardigan

    British style is characterized by naturalness, elegance, subtlety, and dignity. In England, it is necessary to first understand the highlights of the British style shoes with matching wind skills. This way, the selection of clothes will come smoothly, and the effect of the example four will be biased towards Japanese and Korean styles. This is in line with the temperament of the British style shoes, the effect is also more than 90 points.

    Shoe wear example five: white high casual shoes + harem pants + casual T-shirt

    High-top casual shoes belong to a very feel style, and the length of the ankle and the height of the ankle form a bone-feeling ankle. Shoe soles are designed to give the feet more shape. Then select the pants to match with the shoes, can not cover the characteristics of the white high-top casual shoes, as shown above, cool style, very like the people.

    Shoe wear example 6: white bean shoes + denim skirt + shirt

    Peas shoes is a professional shoes, a casual, but with the United States to wear their own with a little, do not match with the trousers, otherwise it will make Peas shoes eclipsed, and with the knee Skirts or dresses above the reebok shoes knees are shorts, and tops are worn to fit the shirts, so that with Pedal shoes Pea shoes can wear a goddess.

    The above are the matching tips for shoes shared by Xiao Bian. The techniques summarized reebok classic and summarized are:

    1, first understand the shoe style shoes, and then look for shoes with the style of clothes, wear it up and more overall coordination

    2, start from the color of shoes. Black and white are eternal collocations. No matter how complicated the color combination is, they can be dissolved in it.

    3, with the clothing to the main highlights of the shoes, to add points for the matching clothing styles, complement each other, such as the example of five with.

    With regard to how the shoes with Xiaobian said this, like the pro who quickly try it.

    2018-05-18 10:15:38
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