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  • Put on simple white shoes, out of a road belonging to their own

    Small white shoes in today has become a well-known fashion single product, and fashion show on the stage is always indispensable to its shadow. I believe all the attention of fashion friends know it's the charm of it ~ any shape any weather as long as a pair of small white shoes can completely control to live. Indeed, its wild level is really no one can and. Inside the use of deodorant leather design, wear-resistant anti-skid rubber late, fashion, novel, wild breathable reebok outlet store small round head, forming a pair of perfect small white shoes. It is simple and convenient a pair of small white shoes, shoes, wear fried chicken was thin feet long sister benefits to this shoes to wear it really seems short feet! Cost-effective high-quality canvas shoes, comfortable and breathable. Unique splicing color design, the old style seems simple and casual, but can make you charismatic! Classic design, loved by beauty! Rubber at the end with the design, lines clear, elegant chic, both significant grade and temperament!

    Exquisite generous lace, to the shoes to increase the elements of the atmosphere of the atmosphere, the traditional car suture, the production of superb technology, each needle line are meticulous uniform. Classic round toe design, comfortable and breathable, wearing a more comfortable, better care of your feet. Personality Velcro small white shoes, fashionable, suitable for any girl wearing, the use of fiber uppers, texture wear, comfort, both humble and reduce the pressure to reduce the toes. Round toe, so that the toes more comfortable to relax, leaving enough space will not squeeze the toes, solid and easy to clean also has a good resistance reebok pump to dirt, can be easily discharged from the shoes of reebok outlet sweat, keep the shoes dry The

    2017-04-27 11:22:43
  • Love this spring or a pair of Mary Jane

    Speaking of Mary Jane single shoes, in fact, we have a child through. But at that time just simply feel that children are afraid to get rid of the shoes, so add a buckle. In fact, Mary Jane in the feet to bring us the effect is elegant and casual, sweet yet fashionable. So spring must be a single shoe, which must have a pair of Mary Jane. For some time, Mary Jane is the same as the existence of dance shoes, so reebok shoes with the skirt that is the mainstream wear law. But now it seems, with Mary Jane with shorts, is also very cute and lovely, full of childlike feeling. With the now very popular bell-bottoms is also very suitable, bright patent leather Mary Jane, always be able to seize the eye at once, piercing a strong retro fashion sense. High-heeled Mary Jane also has a modified role in the legs, with tight pants, or high-heeled Mary Jane is more appropriate.

    Of course, even the pants can easily control the Mary Jane, with the skirt is naturally good-looking. But also appears to be straight legs, piercing a sense of fine. Square head patent leather Mary Jane shoes, orange is very retro, this color is also very suitable for spring, nice and good ride Lace on the pearl decoration, so that shoes more ladies atmosphere. Is more partial public style of Mary Jane, not to say that the public style does not look good. Because the color is very resistant to see, that is not pick people, naturally choose more people. This pair of shoes I feel good is because the color of the green is very nice, with up with the breath of spring. Style is also more partial ladies, is a very temperament of a pair of shoes. reebok pump Square head side of a very complete pair of Mary Jane single shoes, is reebok pump a taste of a pair of shoes. I still recommend the dark green style, no black so boring, there is no red code out of the ocean.

    This pair of simple style Mary Jane high heels is actually a very basic essential style. The color is also very good to take the beige, like this high heels is more suitable for wearing a skirt to wear. Fight color Mary Jane single shoes, take the cold style. Minimalist color but will be more resistant to color, gray and beige are very good choice. Small square head Mary Jane, did not see the pointed shoes as long feet, but also more fashionable than the round shoes, it is easy to control a shoe, if I will use it to match the bell-bottoms. Be a pair of students learn a pair of Mary Jane single shoes, different thickness of the buckle Fan children more legs fine. Individuals recommend red models, the foot is more Western style. Combined with the characteristics of ballet shoes Mary Jane single shoes, the color is popular this year, a touch of smoke gray blue. But this color may be black, but all cover a winter, and who will be black feet

    2017-04-26 11:23:27
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