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  • What are the favorite high heels for girls?

    High-heeled shoes are a type of shoes that girls can touch and fall in love with. There are always so many styles that will hit your heart. Which high-heeled shoes are the most attractive and most exciting? Personally think that these high-heeled shoes reebok pump are very attractive. Cat heels are high-heeled pointed stilettos with an increased height of 3 to 5 cm. They look very small and exquisite. Why do you say cats and heels are easy to make?The first is to wear very comfortable, because the height is not high, so the comfort of the feet is very high; Second, it looks very elegant and very temperament, especially people wear After that, that kind of temperament can be easily expressed. In this increasingly material world, cats reebok running shoes and shoes can give people a different feeling.

    Words with high heels is quite popular recently, presumably because its style is very simple, simple and very design sense, people feel is still very fashionable. In addition, the variety of colors, different colors of the word with high heels will give people a different feeling. Like a black word with high-heeled shoes, giving people a feeling is more reebok classic of a charm, is simple; and nude color high-heeled shoes is sexy, and the effect is significantly better. Pointed high heels is a more classic high-heeled shoes, the charm index is still very high, many very stunning high-heeled shoes are pointed high heels. The high-heeled reebok shoes high-heeled shoes give people the impression that they are imposing, very sexy, and able to catch the attention of others, especially the bright-colored pointed high-heeled shoes, which can become the focus when wearing it, so the glamour index of pointed high-heeled shoes Still very high.

    2018-04-19 10:17:23
  • Pointed shoes square head shoes, should be the best quarter-US shoes to enhance the sense of style, you wear it?

    It is only oneself who knows that the shoes don't fit well, but it's easy for people to see them. People are always paradoxical. They both want to wear their own personality and can't help but inquire about popular trends. Pointed shoes square head shoes, should be the best quarter-US shoes to enhance the sense of style, you wear it? To say that this year's most popular, that non-pointy platform shoes is none other, I do not know why it is how to see how pleasing to the eye. Bright colors have not made people feel abrupt, after all, such seasons will never form prejudice against any color, the best is the hollow design, so that the United States shoes a little retro charm. When it comes to feminine or pointed high-heeled shoes is the most reliable, not that other styles are not enough feminine, but if you want to go to large occasions, it must be pointed high-heeled shoes can live the best. The pointed plus straps stretch the lines of the instep to form a modification of the leg lines to achieve a visual effect. To make your femininity more and more intense, in addition to accumulating temperament from the elementary school dance practice, you must also learn reebok shoes to wear high heels. A pair of good high heels will make you unconsciously look up and raise your chest when walking, unconsciously on the United States into a flower.

    Thick and heels, in addition to increasing the proportion of height, is its strongest personality. reebok store This is an intermediate force between the tip and the square head, thick and thick waterproof platform, walking easier to come, reebok pump compared to pointed stilettos, this shoe is more casual temperament. Wine red army green is the most popular color in recent years, and successfully captured the shoes as a must-have item. Suede shoes, the pursuit of the feeling of spring, pierced edge can modify the feet, accidentally became the highlight of the outfit. Take a look at this year's popular square-headed shoes, perhaps it can better release your feet and give your toes enough room. Glossy leather, bright and bold, flowers embellish the shoe with a feminine femininity, and the details of the spring and summer are in harmony with the overall shape to add points. Suitable for office workers for the student party, a young and old take care of the wild section up and down through the kill, in addition to tassel embellishment and will not feel old or monotonous. The most important thing is to combine the most popular square heads in this spring. The heel is not so high, and comfort and versatility are relatively high. The feminine shoes must have feminine colors, and the reebok outlet shoes that enhance the sense of style must have a sense of style. The suede and leather stitching allows two fabrics to blend in their individual character for a single color. The world of flat shoes may change as a result.

    2018-04-17 10:42:04
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