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  • Reject small legs, your boots to get right!

    British style has never left the fashionable stage, can not be described as the style of people than it is. Handsome retro style, mixed with dark lines. Or casual sweater with British wind boots, are eye-catching wear ride. Legs rough people wide leg pants and boots with, of course, is undoubtedly thin. Long skirt and boots with elegant meat! Plus velvet belt Martin boots. You want to build the most perfect reebok store British wind, how can we get such a small boots do This boots is actually a pedal of the minimalist wear out Oh, both sides of the elastic band set enough to solve the complex wear off mode, lace can also adjust the width of the shoe. Lazy will be a back of the boots, handsome and a little cold shape, put it fashion full marks. Europe and the United States retro leisure boots. Super classic boots, whether you want to build the British wind or a simple casual wind, it is your best choice. The side of the zipper design more convenient to wear off every day to go out to wear shoes for a minute you can get, and can be selected cashmere election Oh, this winter is no longer afraid of cold. Round head with Martin boots. It is a very handsome boots, black Martin boots has always been a model in the boots, it is fine line and the sound of the perfect bottom of the rubber, the overall style is a word cool, two words tide explosion! Whether you are working or daily life, go out the street, choose it! To travel far away, use it absolutely wrong.

    Lace high with Martin women boots. It is a perfect British wind leather boots, the winter should be fashionable to spend the fabric is very texture of the kind reebok shoes of matte material, retro and classic colors, absolutely wild good look. Exquisite trolley trail, good quality is not afraid to enlarge, is to see. Boots leather leather Martin boots. To see the bigger fashion bloggers street shooting or fashion Bazaar magazine, you know this kind of British wash shoes is how popular. Thicker soles, the perfect lengthening leg lines, while the high style to help more handsome type, a variety of colors available, each are exquisite and nice, it is not a missed one. Leather lace British boots. The fabric is very soft that kind of leather, coupled with simple lace processing, enough simple enough fashion. Plus cashmere treatment after the winter is not afraid of cold, Chelsea cotton to help you easily create the effect of bare boots, you want to create a stylish sweet and elegant children, must not miss it Oh. Round head retro boots. After the fabric has been treated with velvet, the warmth is greatly enhanced. Round the upper handle itself gives a lovely feeling, thick with the soles of the shoes to wear more smooth, but also the perfect stretch of the proportion of the whole body lines. Full of British wind, super wild and classic Oh. Solid wood rubber retro boots. It is a look at the stunning boots, super smooth Oh, solid wood with rubber soles, is to be comfortable and strong. Do not have to endure a variety of high heels unexpected accident, with it so that you increase the second cent of a second centimeter, the perfect extension of the body lines, as well as the lines of the reebok outlet store legs Oh

    2017-05-23 11:23:25
  • Suffer from high heels Here are the little tips to work shoes

    Formal wear, women must wear high heels (do not know who is the rules). Admittedly, wearing high heels will make people more tall and straight, the whole person will be more spiritual. But who knows the pain of our vast number of female compatriots? Since the rules have been agreed, we can only try to reduce the pain caused by high heels. Here, Xiaobian give you a demonstration to work to wear high heels, as well as on the way to work can replace high heels shoes. Europe and the United States leather shallow mouth commuter high-heeled; look very formal and a high-heeled shoes. From the upper to the heel are pure black, simple but without losing the atmosphere, leather material, very texture. Heel is a glass with, not only elegant appearance, wearing is not easy to tired. Commuter shallow mouth pink fine high heel; if you want to set up a queen in front of my colleagues in the image, a pair of high heels quite suitable, thin metal high heel, gas field So powerful! But it may be harder. 2017 new deep mouth leather pointed high heels; this is a deep mouth design, not so easy Wei feet. At the same time just to reveal the women that show the ankle. Side zipper design, easy to wear off. Pointed, small feet.

    Waterproof suitcase bow tip sharp high heel; suede shoes, very texture, behind the sweet bow, waterproof and high-heeled set for spring, pink, dark green and black three colors you choose The Shallow hair suede pointed with a single shoe; the root of this shoe is selected with the rough, from the force point of view, you can increase the contact area with the ground to reduce the burden of local heel. In short, it is reebok pump not so tired to wear. Coupled with a pointed suede design, it is suitable for riding a little leg suit suit pants. Butter we must have guessed, the little secret of reducing the burden is Peas shoes. This pair is candy color models, there are fresh light green, dream purple, girls powder, there are classic gray, black. The end is comfortable and flexible tendon bottom. Shallow mouth round with Peas shoes; Peas shoes can be described as modern women driving essential, remember the car standing a pair reebok outlet of Oh! This insoles are soft and delicate ultra-fine skin, not easy to wear feet, black, pink and white three.

    Shallow mouth pointed to increase the Peas shoes; this pair of shoes can be described as a combination of Peas shoes and high heels the advantages of fashionable pointed design, hidden in the shoes of the "care machine" increased, there are sweet retro children Bow, used to replace high reebok pump heels anyway. This shoe 's insoles are made of two layers of pig skin material, to help the surface is cattle suede, that is, we often say that the matte skin. In addition, the addition of bow and tassel elements makes the appearance of the shoes appear sweet lady. Plus plush warm potatoes shoes; finally to bring you a most "occasion" shoes it! I believe we have two days have felt the cold air struck, and quickly received this pair of cashmere models of Peas shoes it!

    2017-05-22 11:23:35
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