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  • Summer sandals, fashion from the foot began

    With the heat of the summer approaching, with the comfortable style with more and more people by more love, a pair of stylish sandals are all keen to go out of the trend of a single product, in the match is also very wild, With the nature of the natural and unfettered, comfortable and comfortable to wear comfortable, cool reebok outlet store fashion in this summer fly self-word drag for the meaning of the summer is like, eat the summer ice cream and winter hot pot like a simple solid color design, and comfortable soles Material, it is easier to expand the wearer's instinctive desire for shoes. Simple and stylish slippers, always let you move eyes, simple two shoe body design, wild without losing the tone, with jeans or shorts, very nice, simple and convenient, based on the needs of the match, it is a favorite So that a pair of slippers from the fashion, leisure multi-faceted point of view, not only comfortable feet, and the use of the Velcro design, free to adjust the size of the upper, with jeans have become particularly beautiful handsome, proper street STYLE this previously only At home in the bathroom slippers, giving a new fashion definition! ~ ~ With the cartoon pet head decoration, more than a street fashion sense, wearing a sense of breathtaking slippers, shoes may be into the limbo ~ summer has been to the feet also began to manic, and now the sandals have long jump off Monotonous design style, increasingly become the darling of fashion circles, a smile is the expression of the world est, but also fashionable attitude ~ whether it is in the beach vacation or daily work leisure life, a pair of children's sandals is reebok pump undoubtedly your Good partner a pair of sense of the sense of slippers simple model design, or can not conceal its fashionable atmosphere, a single color visual modification of the leg lines, outline the overall leisure profile simple and meticulous

    Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, The use of adjustable magic Velcro, can be adjusted size, the upper edge of the use of soft soft reebok outlet store matte fabric wrapping, not wearing a foot comfortable, soles using high-density PUR material light, not easy to deformation, the upper soles connected with mosaic, Strong and durable, home, daily leisure are very suitable for wearing

    2017-06-28 11:13:32
  • Do you want to lose your shoes?

    Not every man is a natural beauty, comes with a halo of the gods, the so-called fashion sense of the sky are most day-to-day training, men wear out of the street is very particular about, from head to toe and fashion two Word sticky, piercing their own taste. Just from the hardships of the boys want to move into the ranks of the men must be a pair of fit shoes. The first man can not lose the momentum is not enough height to heel to Minato Within the increase in casual shoes so that you do not know the moment in the long high, stable and yet elegant elegant, solid color shoes to wear on the feet to bring out the men's polite, to avoid the cautious elements, choose With small tassels to decorate, simple but not simple, giving a refined charm. Business occasions, men's suits can also choose casual shoes with light, light retro feel more casual shoes reebok running shoes fashion, using a unique production process, so wear more comfortable, whether it is two layers of leather or pig skin are guaranteed men in the long Time wearing will not feel tired and grinding feet. Linen shoelace decoration so that the upper discarded a sense of boring, bring Jasmine young fun.

    This year's hot little white shoes is definitely not exclusive to women, also captured the hearts of men. Unique full round head fitting feet to design, wear more comfortable, vamps ingenuity to add the elements of the Bullock pattern, bring the reebok outlet store feeling of retro, three-dimensional elastic shoelace can be adjusted according to the thickness of the foot, regardless of fat and thin Are able to wear. Although the selection of the first shoe to follow the standard of comfortable wear, but a pair of stylish shoes can definitely wear for your points. Imagine in the business social occasions, a straight type of suits hidden under the old and solemn and tedious shoes, bring the feeling of nature is boring and boring, if it is a pair of decorative or patent leather shoes, naturally let Others shines. Camouflage of the classic do not have to say, see the camouflage will inspire men for the army yearning. Will be camouflage in the body is also a trend, with a camouflage pattern of shoes is exclusive, Baotou design in the visual feet look small, rubber non-slip soles even in the rain on the muddy road walking do not have to worry about slipping.

    The influx of people in the shoe cabinet must not be a good breathless and very personalized shoes, black and red classic, gray and orange chic, black powder uninhibited, six new color there is always a hard to move your heart chord, Uppers reebok pump made of high quality cotton thread made, beautiful breathable, even in the hot summer wear will not feel nausea sweat. Graffiti elements bring a sense of interest is very strong, a single color clothing needs graffiti shoes to save, let you wear a sense of youth. Black shoes covered with a variety of reebok classic colors of graffiti, each pattern alone out of bland, but can cause a combination of infinite reverie, white lace decorations is added a touch of bright colors. Patent leather material will be the perfect combination of fashion and quality together, highlighting the unique elegance of men's flavor. The upper belt of the belt to decorate the interpretation of the feeling of light, a needle line to create a fine line, an increase of the wear resistance of shoes, rubber outsole wear non-slip performance is good, in the outdoor wear will not slip awkward. Become a man is not easy is also not particularly difficult, try to focus on fashion trends, often wear their own shoes into a design sense of casual shoes, perhaps your whole person's temperament and feeling will be different.

    2017-06-27 11:23:54
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